Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't fall over

Two days in a row, yes I've posted two days in row after going months without a post. Is there some shift in the space/time continum? Is there something wrong in the deep inner recess of my mind? Yes to that but pretend there isn't okay? What I'm really doing is putting off work here at home. We're, as in me and Wil, have been planning to move rooms around upstairs for a few weeks but haven't taken the time to do it. Today has to be the day but I'm putting it off. Since my move to the dark side at work I've had to move my bed to Wil's old room as it faces away from the back 40 (or 4) which has both shops and Marty's RR, noise. So now Marty is the sole occupant of 'our' room and Wil has been using the 'small' bedroom which is cozy but....small, so he would like to have my craft room. I've decided to move my craft room to 'my' room, let Wil have the craft room and make the small bedroom into a toy room for the grands. Lot's of shifting around. I have to get the moving done before I can decorate for Christmas. Why you might ask? Just one of those random rules I've made for myself. I guess it's called motivation. I can't put off the decorating for too much longer for then it would be too late and I would be stuck with the 'Scrooge' moniker for the rest of the year.
So, onward and upward troops, it's time to fight the good fight, clean the unclean and move the unmoved. Bah, hum bug!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

LIfe from the dark side

Since my last post I've made the jump to working the 3rd shift at wally world, or as we fondly call it 'life in the dark side'. For the most part I LOVE IT!!! I've always known I'm a child of the night. But when you're raising a family it doesn't work to be awake all night and then try to function during the day. Young boys tend to trash the house and beat each other with, well, everything when not properly monitored. So now I work from 10-6:30, come home and get Wil started with school then sleep till late afternoon. And speaking of sleep, I sleep better now than I have since my 3rd trimester of my 1st pregnancy so almost 22 years. It's taken me the six weeks since I switched to get adjusted, but I think I'm getting there. I felt like cleaning the house the other night and DID it. That may not seem like such a big thing but just take my word that it really is.
I'm officially part of the instock team but I still get to work apparel, touching clothes is fun, I also have a chance to work other areas of the store. Who knew there were so many different kinds of peanut butter. I find great personal satisfaction filling empty spots whether it be with cans of light red beans (not medium or dark), or men's boxer shorts. I don't have to check much at all, the one part I really detested about my other shift and there aren't too many people shopping at 3 AM so you don't have to spend very much time with customer service. I'm also home during the evenings, which is weird cause for 10 years I've worked at least 3 nights a week if not more so I get to see more of everyone. One of the down sides at this point is that my weekend is on Tue. & Wed. Someday that may change but at least I have a set schedule with two days in a row off every week. The other shift I was on was very inconsistent with days off. I didn't have two days in a row off much at all. I haven't decided whether seeing the sunrise is a plus or minus yet, it is still such a foreign phenomena to me.

On the home front we're getting ready for Wil, son #4 to get his drivers license. Yes my baby is gonna be 16 on Sunday. He passed his test yesterday (barely) and is counting the hours.....literally.......until he is freed from the bondage of depending on anyone else for transportation. He already has a car so he'll be free as a bird. He's suffered the most from my work hour change cause Marty tends to go to bed at 9 (yes we really are complete opposites) and I'm at work by 10 so unless he stays with a friend he has to be home by 9:30 on a weekend night. The HORROR!!!!!!

I suppose I need to start decorating for Christmas, I usually have the tree up by now. But despite watching people start their Christmas shopping at 2:30 am on black Friday I just can't get into the spirit of it all yet. I do have my Christmas/birthday/Valentine's day/anniversary/veteran's day/flag day present already. It's a bright, big, colorful, beautiful 42" LCD tv hanging on the living room wall or as I fondly refer to it "ART". Marty & Wil were at the world 4:30 am black Friday to pick it up for me, a great sale!!!!! There's a whole other story connected to why I was able to get 'ART' at this time. For now I'll just say two things......Marty and train engine............

Life is busy, life is good and 'ART' is fun.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Am I alive?

Yup!!!!! My friend Michelle caught me in the store as I was working and mentioned that I hadn't posted for awhile. I haven't taken the time to do it. Some days I feel like there isn't much to post. So today is my day off and here I am for a few minutes. what. My brain and fingers don't seem to be doing much........
The theme for the final round of Jeopardy is playing in my head.........and replaying.......and playing some more.......I'm not inspired...........speechless........hmmmmmmmmm. Guess I'll just have to come back and post at a later date.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I love the night life

When thinking of my title I was thinking of work. After working some day shifts the last couple of weeks I've decided that I like my regular 3-11 0r 12 shift. Some reasons why
*There's A LOT drama during the day shift. Oh my goodness.
*I like working with all three shifts. I get an hour or two with first shift, five or six with 2nd and and hour or two with third shift.
*I'm just more awake later in the day.
*I have a few hours before I have to go to work to get some time in the office and maybe clean the house.
*Of course once school starts back up again then my a.m. is taken up with that too.
This coming week I get to work three overnights. The floor plan in apparel is changing so they asked for volunteers to come do that. So I'll get to see what the 'real' night life is like. Come Friday, my next day off we'll see how I survived.
I'm starting to get panicky about next Sunday. We're celebrating Marty's folks' 50th anniversary with a day at our house. Brunch, hanging out and then a nice supper somewhere. That's what they wanted to do, that's what they begged us for. No open house, no surprises, no weekend get away, just hanging out with the family. Then the other night while talking with Marty's Mom I could hear his dad in the background "Hey sis,I hope you guys have some good stuff planned for us"........My first thought was "what the&%$@#!!!!" but I cut that off as inappropriate. Then Marty's mom said something about me playing my guitar and singing. Keep in mind I haven't touched my guitar in 3 years, and don't have time this week to work on my fingers (fellow guitar players will get that). I'm sure at that point my voice had raised a couple of octives, hopefully Nancy didn't notice it, though I did state in no uncertain terms that I wouldn't be doing any pickin and grinnin. But what else could they be expecting????? When I mentioned it to Marty last night he told me not to worry, they had told us in the beginning that they just wanted to spend time with the family...if they weren't happy with just doing that then too bad. I love it when he puts his foot down. So now I'm just worrying about getting the house cleaned up, meal planning, baking a pretty cake and surviving a day of 'hanging out with the family'. One possible silver lining is that my folks may also be here. Dad mentioned they might bring Wil back next weekend. I'm thinking of begging them to, down on hands and knees, weeping, pathetically moaning and groaning begging. What a nice buffer they would be. I must call in the 'providing the only grandchildren and great grandchildren' favor from them. I haven't played that card yet, but I may have to....desperate times call for desperate measures.
Need to get going. Having the familia here tonight to celebrate Marty and Ben's birthday. Gotta bake a cake then run and get some steaks and other stuff.
I think that I'm gonna do some vegetating the week after next, I'll probably deserve it......I'm sure I will.......I'm a good daughter-in-law.........

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independance Day

Happy 'I' day to my fellow Americans!!!!!! We were planning to head to some friends house later today as Marty was going to work this morning. Low and behold it's 9 am and he's back. Said they got the roof ready to go so they can start shingling tomorrow but decided to just take the rest of the day off, it's REALLY muggy out. Said friends are fellow G gaugers and were planning on having lunch so we may just head up early and hit Menards and Michaels on the way then eat with them.
I got on line a little bit ago and my friend Margaret that lives in China saw I was logged in so she gave me a call. With our schedules we have a hard time getting in sync so we can talk. What a treat!!!!!
Since my day is being rearranged I better get running so I can accomplish something.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Life, in fast forward

That's what life feels like these days, FAST FORWARD! Can't believe June is so far gone already. Never-enough-time. Today I need to spend a couple of hours cleaning before I got to work. Marty's folks are dropping by on Sunday then Monday my dear friend Patty is coming to visit for a couple of days. Nothing like company to MAKE me clean. The poor house has really suffered since I'm living at Wally world 40 hours a week. I think I might have to break down and hire someone to come and do the basics every couple of weeks. I've put off doing that thinking that with time I would be able to juggle just ain't happenin'. So for my peace of mind it's time to call in the pros. Maybe I'll have time to do some creating too.

I think I've settled in at work (those may be famous last words, knock on wood, etc...). I'm understanding the rules of apparel, yes there are rules. What you can hang on racks together, where George goes, what kind of signs go where, there are rules for everything.
I'll never understand why people feel the need to RIP open packs of socks and underwear though. Most packs have nice little slits at the bottom of the package where you can gently pull the underwear out. I'll also never understand how soooooooo many people feel that stealing is an okay thing to do. Working close to the shoe dept. has been an eye opener in that respect. Who knew so many things could be hidden in a box of shoes, including the old pair of shoes that said customers exchange for a new pair, the old pair getting left in the box.
Today I also have to do payroll so I better get those pay checks out. My day to rail at the excess of government spending. Then off to clean the house, water the plants and go make sure middle class Americans in middle America have quality clothes to wear.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Rain, rain go away.....

I know that the last few years have been dry here but 4 inches in one day is a little much. Wil woke me up in the EARLY hours to let me know that there was water dripping from his window. Keep in mind that we live in a house that's a hundred years old and that we've reworked the original windows. They usually do a pretty good job of repelling the elements but when the wind is blowing straight from the west - and I mean straight - they just aren't up to the job of holding back the forces of God. Went downstairs and found the same thing happening to the front door, which isn't what I would call a "real" front door. It's a 20 year old patio door that we haven't gotten around to replacing yet. We never expect that door to repel anything. Our dillema this summer is whether to replace that or the fridge. They are both on their last legs. I'm thinking I could take one more winter of shrink wrapping the front 'door' over wondering when the white one will breath out it's last cold breath.

Last night I had my three month review at work. I passed with flying colors. Got a good recomendation from my merchandise supervisor, a raise and the encouragement that when I'm done schooling the boys they would love to have me rise up in the ranks (you must have to work some day hours to do that, I work in the twilight zone). Life is good at Wally World as long as you can go with the flow.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Of what is to come

So, it's been almost two months since I've blogged. I didn't miss it at first, too much change, too little time. The last couple of weeks though I've had an intense desire to do it again. It helped that I took some time to revisit some blogs that I've enjoyed in the past and find a couple of new ones. Found one yesterday that had me laughing till I was crying. Wil, the 15 year old asked what was so funny so I shared.........................................................................
that was an example of a blank look and complete silence that only a teenager can give you which makes one feel a thousand years old and a little crazy to boot.

Of what is to come, I had yesterday off from work, the whole day. I was almost giddy. Decided it was time to buy some flowers for the yard, have I mentioned that I love getting my discount at Wally World? Almost makes up for the, well you know, work I have to do to enjoy said discount. So I got to play in the dirt some. And since I had the day off I was actually able to cook supper. Wil was off playing with his nerdy friends at the comic book store and Pat was still working so it was just the handsome hunk and myself. As we settled in to enjoy some stroganoff and corn I was ready to switch the TV to something both of us would enjoy watching when Marty says 'how about the Simpsons'? In my mind I'm screaming "nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" having never been a big fan of the Simpsons. I just want to cut and color Marge's hair. Then I flashed to the future, a few years down the line when it is just the hunk and me, enjoying the evening meal and watching the Simpsons every single night. So we watched the Simpsons but I've decided that we WILL NOT spend our empty nest years doing it. I'll turn the TV off before that happens. (that is a bold statement on my part as I'm more addicted to the evil box than Marty is).

Since my last posting we've become grandparents again. Dakota Martin Cozad was born March 11. He's a cute little bundle. At 6 weeks he's starting to take an interest in things beyond the bottle, the bed and clean diapers. Even though Gabby is almost 2 it still feels a little surreal, looking at the next generation, at what we started. I can only imagine what our parents feel like being greats.

Wally World is calling me. I must gather my name badge and box cutter. I'm doing my part to make sure America has affordable clothing to wear.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Redhead for a day

I've always wanted to be a redhead. Tried it once in beauty school and the response from schoolmates, friends and family wasn't positive. So yesterday at work I was hit in the head with a pole that fell from a scissor lift (short version of a long story) and got a nice little hair color change, blood red. I wouldn't have been so bad but blood in the hair tends to be sticky at first then all matted and finally kind of gross as it dries and becomes red dandruff. The response to my color change from co-workers wasn't postive but that could be because I was bleeding like a stuck pig and everyone was trying to figure out if I needed to go get some stitches or not. I was going to trust everyone elses opinion as I really didn't want to look and see. A mirror was brought, I politely declined it's use. Finally the pharmacist gave his opinion, yes go to the Dr. and off I went. The Dr. was impressed at what a clean cut it was and promptly stapled me shut with four big daddies. This happened 45 minutes into my shift. After all the paperwork was done I was sent home at 5:30 and still got paid for my full shift.
I'm feeling pretty good today. A little sore and a slight headache but none the worse for wear. I was already scheduled to have today and tomorrow off for work. So have some extra recovery time.

Monday, March 05, 2007


As I walk past the dressing room door I spy some hangers on the floor and see the edge of a pair of jeans sitting on the seat inside. I inwardly cringe knowing what I'll find when I open the door. Yup! A pile of at least twenty (I stopped counting empty hangers at 20)pieces of clothing mounded in a tangled mess. I was inwardly cursing skinny teenagers, all clothes were size 3 from the juniors section, when I had a flash back. My mother walking by my room with a load of clothes to put in the washer and just standing in my doorway with a look of horror on her face seeing the pile of abandoned clothes spread all over my floor. This happened pretty much every day. Yes mom, it's payback time. I make my living placing clothes back on hangers, taking them out to the floor, really a giant closet right, and then doing it all again repeatedly each and every day. Apparently only three of us associates feel the need to check the dressing room. And we don't all work at the same time. Hmmmm, the younger ones tend to shy away from the magical rooms.
God has a sense of humor. I had 4 boys and now I work in a giant closet. When mom had reached the limit of her endurance of my smarty mouthed ways she would always say, "I hope you have 5 kids just like you". One of the great curses a mother can invoke on her children. I had the four boys, four teenage boys at one time for a few months. Payback!!! I'm sure at some point as she was wading through the flood of clothes on my floor she also muttered "Someday you will work in a giant closet and pick up after ungreatful teenage girls" as she spit on the floor and hooked her index finger. Payback!!!
Life is filled with payback. What goes around really does come around. That's not a bad thing. It involves the good (blessings) and the bad (irate mothers and thoughtless teenage daughters).
"Life is good" I mutter as I calmly fold the skinny butt jeans. Payback!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Contrary to popular belief I am sometimes wrong. I must admit this is mostly my belief and not something that is shared by those around me. Yes, I have a pretty high opinion of my opinions. I talked to my almost former boss yesterday and found that she really is concerned about what is happening at the restraunt. I 'believe' that part of our problem as employees is that we were so used to just running things on our own - the old boss was totally hands off - now that's changed and we're not all adjusting and playing well. Some of it still stinks but that's the way they want to do things and that's the way it will be. So I have duly chastised myself, slapped my hand, sat myself in the corner of my mind and decided that I have to live some of my life according to the wise words of Doris Day - whatever will be will be - at least in some parts of life and I have to let go and change my attitude.

I HAVE to set up and take some pics of some of my current work, scrap pages, altered stuff and cards. Maybe this weekend I'll have some time - but I'm not holding my breath.

We're going through a nice little cold snap. I'm sooooooo ready for summer, just skip spring and go right to July, hot, hot, hot. I really don't have an understanding of those that love cold weather and snow. Snow is just too cold to enjoy. But if it was always summer would I appreciate it so much? I wouldn't mind living through a couple years of endless summer to find out.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The new me or something along those lines

Well my love of Walmart has morphed into a full time job. Yes as of yesterday I am proud to be a Walmart associate. I will officially be working in boys apparel - I would say that as a mother of 4 sons I may be qualified for that position. I'm into week two of my two week notice at the embers, more on that later. This is the first full time out of the home job I've had since I had Ben (21+ years). WE all know that motherhood is a full time job as is homeschooling, and being secretary and bookeeper for our business involves a few hours too. What really pushed me into this decision is that as a small business owner we really can't find insurance that's affordable AND good. Yes the benefits pulled me into retail. I'll be working the 3-11 shift, pretty comparable to what I work now with a couple added nights and hours. Marty and I have been throwing the idea around for a year or so and with our Walmart doing really well and still hiring we thought might as well jump in now. So here is to hoping that working at Wally World (the store that time forgot) will be a good move. And yes, we do have to do the cheer.

Another thing that prompted my choice to move on was how things are going at my almost former waitress job. Basically it sucks!!! Now for me to say that means that it really stinks. I'm not sure if the new owners are trying to get rid of most the staff, but that seems to be what is happening. There is much unrest and dissatisfaction among the natives. So this new job opportunity came at a really good time...I had a good reason to quit. Will I be brave enough to say things to the new manager? Should I care what happens when I'm gone? (I wouldn't except for the staff taht is left). It is no longer our 'happy place', yes the wait staff really called it that. Customers have noticed the differnce in our attitudes. It's sad in a way but......the new owners have the right to take the restraunt in a new direction wherever that may be. I fell better now.

I must go shoot some pool with Wil, haved hear the clack of the balls for too long.

Oh yeah, I got to spend the day with my scrappin friends on Saturday, what a fun way to spend 8+ hours. And of course have some quality time with my smells sooooo good and is sooooo smooth.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

New things

Walmart....our store opened on Friday. I am unapologetic in my love of Walmart, I say that because when a Walmart opens in a small town there are some VERY strong anti-wallyworld feelings. Our store is one of the smallest super centers they build, but hey I was able to buy pool cues, a Razr-not to shave with to talk into, adorable yet cool baby boy clothes (only 10 more weeks till the newest Cozad joins the family), file folders and paper clips. AND got to see many people I know, don't know if that's good or bad. A trip to what I call 'the store that time forgot' because of the hours that I loose there already can take up a good chunk of the day without all the socializing that will happen.'s freshly white outside, truly beautiful. I am enjoying the view from inside. Don't like the feel of snow, just the look of it.

A new appreciation of the inventor of Midol, I would hug said person if they were here today. I'm so glad I don't have to work or leave the house today, I've been spending quality time with my heating pad.

A wonderfully quiet day at home....I'm feeling blest about it. My to do list for tomorrow is l-o-n-g but I'm leaving it for tomorrow. My studio is calling, the pool table is calling, my heating pad is calling...there is time for all three.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bonus day

It's snowing, a nice slow white snow. I was supposed to work and evening shift tonight. We had a party of 50 booked but because of the white snow they cancelled the party and I got a call that I didn't have to come in, one of the advantages or disadvantages of living out in the country. I wasn't too disappointed as I'm in creative mode so I get to spend more time in my studio, YEAH!
Speaking of the studio here's what my door/table looked like earlier. I finished the project I was working on so it's cleaned off now but this is how I create. I not only layer on my projects but also on my table.
I love my door/table. My friend Hollie asked if I'd be interested in the door and I jumped on it. It's the perfect door/table nice and deep. I like to have my supplies close to hand so it's deep enough that I can have that and have lots of room to create too. I spent less than $15 to get it set up. I already had a small thin cabinet for the right front, I used the bottom of an old kitchen hutch to hold up the back side. All I needed was something to hold up the left front corner.
Another bonus of the day is that I get to watch the NFL playoff games. I've missed a lot of football this year so I'm appreciting today.
There's a ton of testosterone floating around my house today. My brother is here for the weekend, Wil has a friend over and Ben is hanging out for the day. So that makes 6 males 14 and over. My studio is a place of escape, my oasis of femaleness (is that a word?) and creative tranquility. The men know how sacred it is so they don't venture in there much. BONUS!!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Be blonde

Since BE is my word for the year I thought at least once a week I should spend some time blogging on what I want to be for the week.
So for this week I decided to BE BLONDE. It's not what you think (as I blink my eyes in an empty headed manner). I'm going back to my roots (HAH!!). I've been accentuating my blondeness for the past 7 years, highlighting, going lighter then darker. I subscribe to the magazine 'More', great mag for women in their 40s or 50s. A few of the contributors have let their hair go back to it's natural color. I'd been thinking of embracing my natural blondeness but hadn't worked myself up to it, if you've ever grown your hair out for any reason you'll know why I was putting it off. What pushed me over the edge was the fact that all of the coloring I'd been doing had made my hair like straw, no fun and not pretty.
Things I've noticed:
*My hair has darkened up some, it's more dark blonde than honey blonde. That could be cause it's winter and I don't get outside too much. Although I've lived in Nebraska all my life I don't enjoy winter at all.
*I'm seeing some grey, yes grey. I should have been expecting it, I'm plucking grey hairs out of my eyebrows and from my face (I hate peri-menopause)so why should I be surprised that it's on my head?
*It feels so healthy and smooth. Like this aspect.
*Since it's healthier I may be able to get it a little longer, the men in the family all agree, they like me with longer hair.
I try not to go down hair coloring aisle at all. Then I'm not tempted by the oh so blonde blondes on the boxes. If I were the new years resolution type I suppose that being a real blonde would be what I would resolve to BE.
I've been surfing around flickr and having a blast. Wow there is soooooo much to look at. What groups do I join? Who do I want as contacts? What's the netiquette of the site? So many decisions so little time. Why oh why do I have to feed my family, do housework, go to work, pay the bills, spend time with my hubby???????? Being responsible is such a drag sometimes. I would love to spend days at a time in my studio or online. my studio and online. Heaven!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Uniquely blonde

Seems that I've always been a little, well, different. Oh sure on the outside I seem to be a conformist but on the inside I'm a bit of a rebel. I've got some views about my relationship with my Lord that aren't what you would call 'mainstream', maybe I'll get brave and share more on that in a future post, said views have caused a few relationships to become chilly. I live easier with a little clutter, if I clean I loose my productivity cause I have to search for things. I've finally accepted and embraced the fact that I'm not a morning person (it's a miracle that I can type right now before 9 am) I don't get much accomplished before noon. My husband hasn't accepted this facet of me, he thinks the fact that I need 2 hours to wake up makes me weak and a sissy. I think the fact that he shuts down at 9 pm makes him a major party pooper and a grumpy gus. It's a good thing that I work at night, I'm pretty chipper as I serve hungry people. And some (okay most)people consider my sense of humor "quirky", I sure miss my sis Mel since she's move 600 miles away she's one of the few that get me. I like nothing better than watching a good pro football game on a Sunday afternoon unless it's watching a great Nascar race on a Sunday afternoon. Okay maybe curling up with a good historical romance comes in a close second. I've been creating some funky stuff lately not everyone sees the beauty in some of my art. Then there's my love of SciFi.......
So here's to being unique. I don't consider body piercings and tatoos to be evil. Han Solo is my hero, I know what a Cylon is do you? If I could afford it I might consider getting a tummy tuck.
I think that's as personal as I can get for today, it's still early morning in my own little world (9am, Marty has been up and productive for almost 3 hours (I'm experiencing a shiver of horror), it's hard to bare my soul so early in the day.
So here's to being unique even if it's mostly on the inside most days.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A word for the year

I was visiting another blog and the author suggested choosing a word for the coming year. One little word that I would chose to focus on this year. She encourages you to make something so your word is infront of you somewhere. A layout, altered letters, the word simply cut out of a magazine, just so it's where you can see it everyday. I've chosen BE. I used to be able to just BE. To enjoy the moment, to accept God's love, to accept others. I've kind of lost sight of that in the last couple of years. Life has gotten busy and intense. I need to BE again. What word would you chose for this year? Now I have to decide how to put this word in a physical in front of my face format. At least it's just two letters, I can make them BIG!!!
What word would you chose for 2007?