Monday, February 27, 2006


I'm finally able to post. Blogger was having some technical problems so haven't been able to post for 3 days. The week before that was just plain busyness.
So this last weekend I got to crop Friday night and all day Saturday. It was fun. It was productive. It was a time of eating too much. It was not enough sleep.
Gabby came for awhile too:
I think she may have to grow some more to really appreciate it. Although a couple of the younger girls that were there cropping were awfully helpful at times. Thanks Mallory and Kendall.
I learned something new. How to transfer photos to muslin. Took me about three hours to really get the process down. I kept wanting to hurry it along and that's one of those things you just can't do. I had bought a Somerset Workshop book and that was the first 'workshop' I did. Can't wait to try some of their other ones. I think that book will be well worth the investment.
So in two weeks we'll be back to our regular crops, the second Saturday and for "only" 9 hours, is that really enough time to get anything done?
This coming weekend is the men's barbershop chours' show. We are singing a few songs too. It's a tribute to Bob Hope so will be set up like a USO. I'm looking forward to it. I volunteer to put the stage makeup on the men. That's always very fun, it's great to able to kid them about that when they come into the restraunt to eat. So I'll have a busy week. But a good one I'm sure.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Surf safer

On the right panel of my blog you'll notice a new little box that says better, safer, faster with the back of a little fox. If you click on that little box it will take you to the website for Mozilla Firefox where you can safely and easily switch from using Internet Explorer as your browser to Firefox. It's totally free AND really is safer. Since switching to Firefox I've had a lot less problems with viruses, worms, trojans, data miners and all those other nasty things that the wonderful people on the internet can throw in your way. More people tend to target IE as a source to pass along all those icky things that can totally ruin your computer. Sometimes you'll run into a program that will only run with IE (example, if I want to print up my rewards certificate from Best Buy I have to use it) but that hardly ever happens. So this was my public service announcement for the day.
Well we survived Valentine's day, got candy for the boys, an adorable outfit for Gabby and a card for Marty. I usually make him one but was just too lazy this year, we're not big on exchanging gifts on this holiday. Usually cause we're in the we're gonna have to pay taxes in a couple of months let's eat mode. I caught a couple of minutes of Regis and Kelly this am and agree with Kelly that Valentine's Day is more for those that aren't married. If you're married isn't every day supposed to be Valentine's Day? OOOPS!!!! I almost choked as I was laughing.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Am I brave enough?

One of the scrapping sites I frequent is having an open call for a couple new design team members. My first thought is 'oh cool, I'd like to try that out'. My second thought is 'wow, am I good enought to even try that'? Now I don't have great expectations of actually getting on the team but I am a little amazed at how much just the serious thought of submitting has intimidated me. I'm thinking that this may end up being a creative and personal turning point. A personal challenge to face those fraidy cat demons that poke up their ugly heads every once in awhile. And just the thought of writing an essay on why I think I would be a good choice for the team makes me break out in a sweat. (Don't tell the boys, they hate when I assign them essays. I always ask them why they're making a big deal of it when essays are a piece of cake). How do I promote myself while retaining some sembelance (I know I spelled that wrong) of humility? This is almost as bad as when I had to work on my personal testimony for a bible study I did years ago - although I can still tell you what a difference God has made in my life in under 3 minutes - Marty never could make it under three minutes.
So I'm thinkin that maybe I need the challenge of just submitting, letting go, take a step off the edge (like Indiana Jones did while trying to find the grail), give myself a good creative shot in the butt...........and who knows just maybe...................................

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another weekend gone by

It's Sunday night, almost Monday morning and I'm not ready for another week to start. I worked the lunch shift today so it kinda threw my whole day off. I'm sure I'll be confused all week cause i was at work on Sunday.
Had a small hair color mishap last night. The color my hair turned out isn't what the picture on the box looks like. this is the first time that's ever happened. I'm more of a light brown now instead of a blonde. Marty doesn't like it. I could probably get used to it, but did I mention that Marty doesn't like it? Oh and by the way Marty doesn' get the picture. So I took some of my hard earned tip money and bought a blonde box hoping that my hair will look like the picture. I think I'll do that tomorrow cause Marty............

Monday, February 06, 2006

I've been working on my b-l-o-g, all the live long day.

So today I've got financial boxes, records, receipts, checkbooks, lists, pens, pencils, my calculator & assorted beverages spread out on the dining room table. I'm compiling, gathering, calculating and other ing things stuff and finally settling down so we can get to the CPA and have our taxes done. I'm the bookkeeper for our business so it's not just a matter of gathering all our W-2's and filling in the blanks with turbo tax (although that is a recuring dream of mine, fast, simple and getting money back from the government).
Having said all that I've been taking breaks throughout the day. I call them breaks but they could really be called avenues of escape. I diligently work for awhile then the newest issue of Scrapbook Answers catches my eye. I drag myself back to the pile of bills that need my attention then decided that I need to check my e'mail. Did I forget to mention that the laptop is also on the dining room table? Then it's supper time, it won't make itself you know. Fortunately we have a nice island to eat around.
Back to the table top of doom. Then I remember that I haven't checked out my favorite blogs today. After which I decide that I'm tired of how mine looks and I must spend some time on it RIGHT NOW. I know, I know my priorities are all wrong. Shouldn't all that business stuff take precedence? R-i-g-h-t......the mile high table will still be here tomorrow, I really don't need to know yet how much we'll owe ole Uncle Sam right away do I? Now if I can just explain to Marty how compliling all that information is just taking longer that I thought it would. The business did grow this year. Hmmmmm.................................

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hop, skip & a jump

A quickie today (hop, skip & jump, all quick things right?). I've had better weeks, made a few mistakes that can be corrected but will cost. Still am not feelin up to snuff, or sniff depending on how your nose is working. I did start on a CUTE little photo album that will fit inside an altered altoids tin. I'm using some of the new Daisy D's paper and I L-O-V-E how it's turning out. Just have to add a few embellishments, copy & print pictures then finish putting it all together. I should have it done this weekend and will post some pics.