Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't fall over

Two days in a row, yes I've posted two days in row after going months without a post. Is there some shift in the space/time continum? Is there something wrong in the deep inner recess of my mind? Yes to that but pretend there isn't okay? What I'm really doing is putting off work here at home. We're, as in me and Wil, have been planning to move rooms around upstairs for a few weeks but haven't taken the time to do it. Today has to be the day but I'm putting it off. Since my move to the dark side at work I've had to move my bed to Wil's old room as it faces away from the back 40 (or 4) which has both shops and Marty's RR, noise. So now Marty is the sole occupant of 'our' room and Wil has been using the 'small' bedroom which is cozy but....small, so he would like to have my craft room. I've decided to move my craft room to 'my' room, let Wil have the craft room and make the small bedroom into a toy room for the grands. Lot's of shifting around. I have to get the moving done before I can decorate for Christmas. Why you might ask? Just one of those random rules I've made for myself. I guess it's called motivation. I can't put off the decorating for too much longer for then it would be too late and I would be stuck with the 'Scrooge' moniker for the rest of the year.
So, onward and upward troops, it's time to fight the good fight, clean the unclean and move the unmoved. Bah, hum bug!!!!

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michelle said...

Was hoping to hear more about Marty's train excitement! Where'd you go? I thought this would be back to your habit!! Oh, well, mine's been two months and it's not that I don't have anything to say, but just never get a turn!
Love you and it was great to hear from you. How's the new driver?