Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Of what is to come

So, it's been almost two months since I've blogged. I didn't miss it at first, too much change, too little time. The last couple of weeks though I've had an intense desire to do it again. It helped that I took some time to revisit some blogs that I've enjoyed in the past and find a couple of new ones. Found one yesterday that had me laughing till I was crying. Wil, the 15 year old asked what was so funny so I shared.........................................................................
that was an example of a blank look and complete silence that only a teenager can give you which makes one feel a thousand years old and a little crazy to boot.

Of what is to come, I had yesterday off from work, the whole day. I was almost giddy. Decided it was time to buy some flowers for the yard, have I mentioned that I love getting my discount at Wally World? Almost makes up for the, well you know, work I have to do to enjoy said discount. So I got to play in the dirt some. And since I had the day off I was actually able to cook supper. Wil was off playing with his nerdy friends at the comic book store and Pat was still working so it was just the handsome hunk and myself. As we settled in to enjoy some stroganoff and corn I was ready to switch the TV to something both of us would enjoy watching when Marty says 'how about the Simpsons'? In my mind I'm screaming "nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" having never been a big fan of the Simpsons. I just want to cut and color Marge's hair. Then I flashed to the future, a few years down the line when it is just the hunk and me, enjoying the evening meal and watching the Simpsons every single night. So we watched the Simpsons but I've decided that we WILL NOT spend our empty nest years doing it. I'll turn the TV off before that happens. (that is a bold statement on my part as I'm more addicted to the evil box than Marty is).

Since my last posting we've become grandparents again. Dakota Martin Cozad was born March 11. He's a cute little bundle. At 6 weeks he's starting to take an interest in things beyond the bottle, the bed and clean diapers. Even though Gabby is almost 2 it still feels a little surreal, looking at the next generation, at what we started. I can only imagine what our parents feel like being greats.

Wally World is calling me. I must gather my name badge and box cutter. I'm doing my part to make sure America has affordable clothing to wear.

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michelle said...

You're making us all proud. But if you're there all the time, why can't I ever find you?
I'm so glad I checked your blog today! I guess I haven't for a while, but hey! She's back!!
Well I have a whopper of a cake today and then it's off to the bakery. We have major shortages there. No time for blogging for me today!!
Take care! Nice hearing from your corner again!!