Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't fall over

Two days in a row, yes I've posted two days in row after going months without a post. Is there some shift in the space/time continum? Is there something wrong in the deep inner recess of my mind? Yes to that but pretend there isn't okay? What I'm really doing is putting off work here at home. We're, as in me and Wil, have been planning to move rooms around upstairs for a few weeks but haven't taken the time to do it. Today has to be the day but I'm putting it off. Since my move to the dark side at work I've had to move my bed to Wil's old room as it faces away from the back 40 (or 4) which has both shops and Marty's RR, noise. So now Marty is the sole occupant of 'our' room and Wil has been using the 'small' bedroom which is cozy but....small, so he would like to have my craft room. I've decided to move my craft room to 'my' room, let Wil have the craft room and make the small bedroom into a toy room for the grands. Lot's of shifting around. I have to get the moving done before I can decorate for Christmas. Why you might ask? Just one of those random rules I've made for myself. I guess it's called motivation. I can't put off the decorating for too much longer for then it would be too late and I would be stuck with the 'Scrooge' moniker for the rest of the year.
So, onward and upward troops, it's time to fight the good fight, clean the unclean and move the unmoved. Bah, hum bug!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

LIfe from the dark side

Since my last post I've made the jump to working the 3rd shift at wally world, or as we fondly call it 'life in the dark side'. For the most part I LOVE IT!!! I've always known I'm a child of the night. But when you're raising a family it doesn't work to be awake all night and then try to function during the day. Young boys tend to trash the house and beat each other with, well, everything when not properly monitored. So now I work from 10-6:30, come home and get Wil started with school then sleep till late afternoon. And speaking of sleep, I sleep better now than I have since my 3rd trimester of my 1st pregnancy so almost 22 years. It's taken me the six weeks since I switched to get adjusted, but I think I'm getting there. I felt like cleaning the house the other night and DID it. That may not seem like such a big thing but just take my word that it really is.
I'm officially part of the instock team but I still get to work apparel, touching clothes is fun, I also have a chance to work other areas of the store. Who knew there were so many different kinds of peanut butter. I find great personal satisfaction filling empty spots whether it be with cans of light red beans (not medium or dark), or men's boxer shorts. I don't have to check much at all, the one part I really detested about my other shift and there aren't too many people shopping at 3 AM so you don't have to spend very much time with customer service. I'm also home during the evenings, which is weird cause for 10 years I've worked at least 3 nights a week if not more so I get to see more of everyone. One of the down sides at this point is that my weekend is on Tue. & Wed. Someday that may change but at least I have a set schedule with two days in a row off every week. The other shift I was on was very inconsistent with days off. I didn't have two days in a row off much at all. I haven't decided whether seeing the sunrise is a plus or minus yet, it is still such a foreign phenomena to me.

On the home front we're getting ready for Wil, son #4 to get his drivers license. Yes my baby is gonna be 16 on Sunday. He passed his test yesterday (barely) and is counting the hours.....literally.......until he is freed from the bondage of depending on anyone else for transportation. He already has a car so he'll be free as a bird. He's suffered the most from my work hour change cause Marty tends to go to bed at 9 (yes we really are complete opposites) and I'm at work by 10 so unless he stays with a friend he has to be home by 9:30 on a weekend night. The HORROR!!!!!!

I suppose I need to start decorating for Christmas, I usually have the tree up by now. But despite watching people start their Christmas shopping at 2:30 am on black Friday I just can't get into the spirit of it all yet. I do have my Christmas/birthday/Valentine's day/anniversary/veteran's day/flag day present already. It's a bright, big, colorful, beautiful 42" LCD tv hanging on the living room wall or as I fondly refer to it "ART". Marty & Wil were at the world 4:30 am black Friday to pick it up for me, a great sale!!!!! There's a whole other story connected to why I was able to get 'ART' at this time. For now I'll just say two things......Marty and train engine............

Life is busy, life is good and 'ART' is fun.