Sunday, July 08, 2007

I love the night life

When thinking of my title I was thinking of work. After working some day shifts the last couple of weeks I've decided that I like my regular 3-11 0r 12 shift. Some reasons why
*There's A LOT drama during the day shift. Oh my goodness.
*I like working with all three shifts. I get an hour or two with first shift, five or six with 2nd and and hour or two with third shift.
*I'm just more awake later in the day.
*I have a few hours before I have to go to work to get some time in the office and maybe clean the house.
*Of course once school starts back up again then my a.m. is taken up with that too.
This coming week I get to work three overnights. The floor plan in apparel is changing so they asked for volunteers to come do that. So I'll get to see what the 'real' night life is like. Come Friday, my next day off we'll see how I survived.
I'm starting to get panicky about next Sunday. We're celebrating Marty's folks' 50th anniversary with a day at our house. Brunch, hanging out and then a nice supper somewhere. That's what they wanted to do, that's what they begged us for. No open house, no surprises, no weekend get away, just hanging out with the family. Then the other night while talking with Marty's Mom I could hear his dad in the background "Hey sis,I hope you guys have some good stuff planned for us"........My first thought was "what the&%$@#!!!!" but I cut that off as inappropriate. Then Marty's mom said something about me playing my guitar and singing. Keep in mind I haven't touched my guitar in 3 years, and don't have time this week to work on my fingers (fellow guitar players will get that). I'm sure at that point my voice had raised a couple of octives, hopefully Nancy didn't notice it, though I did state in no uncertain terms that I wouldn't be doing any pickin and grinnin. But what else could they be expecting????? When I mentioned it to Marty last night he told me not to worry, they had told us in the beginning that they just wanted to spend time with the family...if they weren't happy with just doing that then too bad. I love it when he puts his foot down. So now I'm just worrying about getting the house cleaned up, meal planning, baking a pretty cake and surviving a day of 'hanging out with the family'. One possible silver lining is that my folks may also be here. Dad mentioned they might bring Wil back next weekend. I'm thinking of begging them to, down on hands and knees, weeping, pathetically moaning and groaning begging. What a nice buffer they would be. I must call in the 'providing the only grandchildren and great grandchildren' favor from them. I haven't played that card yet, but I may have to....desperate times call for desperate measures.
Need to get going. Having the familia here tonight to celebrate Marty and Ben's birthday. Gotta bake a cake then run and get some steaks and other stuff.
I think that I'm gonna do some vegetating the week after next, I'll probably deserve it......I'm sure I will.......I'm a good daughter-in-law.........

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independance Day

Happy 'I' day to my fellow Americans!!!!!! We were planning to head to some friends house later today as Marty was going to work this morning. Low and behold it's 9 am and he's back. Said they got the roof ready to go so they can start shingling tomorrow but decided to just take the rest of the day off, it's REALLY muggy out. Said friends are fellow G gaugers and were planning on having lunch so we may just head up early and hit Menards and Michaels on the way then eat with them.
I got on line a little bit ago and my friend Margaret that lives in China saw I was logged in so she gave me a call. With our schedules we have a hard time getting in sync so we can talk. What a treat!!!!!
Since my day is being rearranged I better get running so I can accomplish something.