Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dr Jekyl & Baby Hyde

Dear little Gabby was having a rough day today. I can understand. Eight months old and getting in 4 teeth at once plus having a runny nose has to take a toll. It was almost funny watching her. She'd be totally smilin happy one minute then I'm throwin a screaming fit the next. Wait that sounds like me during those 'special' days of the month. Being she's a DCB (darn cute baby) she can get away with it. The men in my house tend to live in fear during that magical time.

If you've ever been in the food 'service' industry, i.e. you've waited tables, you have to check out this web site waitrant this guy does a great job of expressing what it's like to serve people for a living. It's even worth checking out if you're a customer and what it's like to be the one wearing the apron. I've learned from him and got some good laughs.

Well the glamour of my domestic life is calling me. The laundry basket looks like it puked all over the bath/laundry room floor. The stove is stacked with pans that must have jumped out of the cabinet on their own cause I sure didn't get them out and use them. The dining room table has a GOOD layer of dust on it, although to tell the truth that happens two hours after I dust a by product of living in the country. The carpets need to have a visit with Mr. Rainbow-only the best vacum for my rugs. I did mention that Dr. Jekyl and Baby Hyde was here today right? How did I ever get anything done when I had four of the little rug rats under foot all those years ago? It's 10:30 pm, think I'll just make a nice little list and do it all tomorrow I hear my wonderful pillow top mattress calling me.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Everythings coming up green!

It's like overnight the earth changed colors. It's a true, bright kelly green. I LOVE IT!!!!! Spring is here so that means summer is just aroung the corner.....my favorite season by the way.
I got to spend lots of time in my studio this past weekend. Finished up some projects and started a couple of more. A good time was had by ME. I love my studio a great place to create and crash and since it was rainy and dreay all day yesterday it was a great place to escape the huge cloud of testosterone that was floating around the first floor where all the guys were watching guy tv all day.
Green is my color of the day.