Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shopping carts are evil

Colds suck. I can't sugar coat it, they just do. Especially the kind that just won't go away. I'm in the midst of my 'lets just stay sick the whole winter phase'. I usually have a couple of weeks between a cold or flu bug before some mutant variation strikes again. I need to start carrying around hand cleaner in a little holster so it will be 'handy' at all times.
I blame it all on shopping carts. They are evil plague carrying devices that should not be touched. Just think about how many hands and other body parts touch a shopping cart in a day. Walk through a Walmart and observe the life of a shopping cart, it makes me shudder. Too bad I need to use them every night at work.
Here's a good product plug:

If it is possible to love an inanimate object this would be the 'one' for me this week. Every time I blow my nose it's like getting slathered with Vicks by my mom when I was sick as a young un. So if shopping carts are evil then Vicks Puffs are really, really GOOD! Whoever invented this should be hugged, but they wouldn't like that as I'm a little viral right now.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi!!!!

I was on the brink of starting a brand new blog. I've neglected this one so much it's embarrassing. But then I thought that was just silly and way to time consuming. So here I am, back with the old.

Today I'm decompressing. The holidays are over, we never do anything for New Years mostly cause I've always worked New Years Eve and never felt like doing much on the day after. Anyway back to decompressing. I'm in bed, in my comfy brightly polka dotted pj's that Marty laughed at with my little friend Ruby curled around my legs taking up most of said bed. One of my favorite decompressing movies to watch is Star Wars A New Hope. Luke, Leia, Han, Obi Wan and even Darth Vader make good companions. My decompression days are totally selfish, I do what I want and try not to feel guilty. The guilt part is hard, but I try not to focus on that. I'm getting over a cold so that makes staying in bed a little easier, I need my rest you know!

Fun places to go in space, the Mos Eisly Catina, what a great bunch of sensitive spacers. I do wonder what the place smells like though. I don't think I'm supposed to care about that. But come on all those aliens gotta be hard on the nose.

Wow, all this typing has been really exhausting, I think I need to sleep some more, decompressing is fun.

PS: who knew that Obi Wan Kenobi would be in spell check? Another example of pop culture becoming reality.