Sunday, January 29, 2006

I've had better weekends

I had the wonderful cold/flu that's been making the rounds this weekend. Didn't feel like doing ANYTHING, laid in bed sleeping and watching TV. What a drag. No fun at all. EWWWWW. Had the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, achy head, fever type stuff. I was a walking (okay, laying down) Nyquil commercial. Finally felt like taking a shower today, a very good thing let me tell you. The boys were hoping I'd still be sick enough not to do school tomorrow. r-i-g-h-t . I have to be dying not to do school (have been close a couple of times, ha). You will notice that I've been using the word HAD quite often here. At this point I'm using the power of positive thinking to ensure that I'm ready to crawl farther than the kitchen and bathroom tomorrow. I did feel well enough to gather Ben & Tom's W-2's toghether but thought it might be better to actually do their taxes when I didn't have a fever of 102. The IRS might not be forgiving of a misplaced decimal point made during a fever induced haze. Then sat in my studio and thought about what I wanted to do to a couple of layouts to get them finished up. Again the fever induced haze stopped me from doing anything. Well I'm off to take my nightly doze of Nyquil, just the thought of drinking it down makes me shiver I've always hated the stuff but it does the job. TTFN

Monday, January 23, 2006

A teary eyed night

I was instant messaging my friend Margaret in China and got misty eyed missing her. Then as I was checking out my favorite blogs I read Rosemary's birthday letter to her mom that is no longer with her. I'm sniffing and wiping at this point. On comes a commercial for the one chopper show (where the dad always yells at everyone as they are re-doing bikes) and the next show is about this guy who sold his bike to help when his mom had cancer and the yelling dad and sons are custom building a bike for him. Tears dropping at this point. But what really made me cry was the come hither look Marty gave me as he stepped out of the bathroom in his sweats. Okay I was laughing so hard I was crying. The sweats were pulled up to his chest, very nerdy, not sexy. But a good laugh.
I've been surfing tonight. Checking out all these crotcheting sites. looking for the perfect pattern (that's easy) for the perfect tote. Think I found one I like now I just need to get the yarn. I keep giving away my projects before I get a picture of them. I've done a bunch of scarves and some caps too, really I have. There's just not visual proof.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The restraunt blues

Those who work in any capacity in the restraunt business know that during January & February we sing the blues. As in "everybody got their holiday credit card bills and can't afford regular food let alone prime USDA choice cut steak' blues. Oh mamma were we slow the last two nights. Both nights we had 7 tables all night. Both nights the same measley tips, lets just say that I won't be buyin nothin fancified for meals this week. Makes me really appreciate that $28/hour I made New Years Eve even more. But we were talking about how great our job really is. When we're busy we run our tails off and usually don't have time for a break till we close (I work the evening shift). But when we're slow, like tonight as long as we have our chores done, make sure what customers we have are taken care of and do a little extra then we can take it easy. I had bought a paper before work so we did the Sudoku puzzle (my newest addiction) and some cross words.
I'm gearin up to go crop on Saturday. I'm actually planning ahead (the moon must be in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars ( a little 60's flashback, I was 9). I've been printing up some pictures and gathering supplies. I usually wait till about 20 minutes before I have to go and I'm just throwing everything in my bags. Something is definetely up, next thing I know I'll have whole layouts pre-planned, each placed in their own page protectors with all the embellishments chosen too. No, that would mean the world was coming to an end, then where would we all be? Hmmmmmm, is it time for a deep philisophical discussion? Nah!!!! that would just hurt too much.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Everybody sing

I sing barbershop harmony with a great group of ladies. Every Tuesday night from 5:15 to 7:00 30 or so women get together and we sing, sing, sing. It's hard to stay down when you sing. We come from all walks of life. A judge, couple of the girls own a bookstore a few more work there, a few work at banks, got some nurses, teachers, stay at home moms, clerks, retired ladies, one photographer, one girl in radio, some who work in offices and at least one waitress :) Our fearless leader is Bruce who works with the post office. He has a gift, he can be in a room full of women and still stay in control (well most of the time). We all love to sing. Tonight we started working on a couple of new songs. I'm ALWAYS amazed at how horrible we can sound the first time through a song. But by the time we're ready to sing in front of a crowd we're like angels. We all pay (dues) for the joy of singing and to tell the truth we're pretty darn good. We've had some ladies that sing in competitions tell us we could do quite well doing that, but that's not for us at this point. We like to sing in the spring during the men's show. Sing in the summer at local churches and sing in November at our own show. Some have very wonderful voices and sing solos or in a quartet, others really need the group in order to be brave enough to sing (although their voices are just as wonderful). I never considered singing as a hobby until two years ago when the director of the men's group described it that way. It's something I totally enjoy, I'm not to bad at and I can share with others, yup that's a hobby.
There are many times I am reminded of my choir director in high school. He was a very tempermental artistic type (he broke many batons after getting frustrated and beating on the podium). But he gave me a good basis for this hobby that I'm enjoying so much at this point in my life.
So sing, sing, sing it can't hurt and will usually help.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Yes I love blogs. I'm not ashamed to admit that I like peeking into other peoples lives. Seeing what they like to eat. How they spent their weekend. Looking at their scrap spaces. Reading about their joys and sorrows. I've been encouraged, challenged and I sometimes LAUGH OUT LOUD, drives my family nuts they NEVER see the humor. So here's to whoever thought up this idea. I first heard of it watching the now defunct show 'The Screen Savers' on that used to be 'Tech TV' the channel that has been taken over by a bunch of teeny boppers (can you tell I'm not happy with said teeny boppers?).
Mold update: Got home from the Christmas party last night with enough alcohol in my body to be able to face the mold (which isn't actually that much alcohol, but I'm a light weight when it comes to drinking). I tossed and sanitized. I love glad ware, I can now toss leftovers and their scary containers too. Another great invention, Press & Seal. If you've never tried it you need to. A woman must have been on the team that came up with this one. After our Christmas dinner at my sister-in-laws while we were putting food away Linda mentioned that she picked up a butt load of Press and Seal really cheap at a store closing. My eyes must have lit up cause she pulled one out and 'presented' it to me saying she was willing to sacrifice one for my happiness. I love my sister-in-law. Having said that my fridge is now clean.
I think I've been rambling enough, hopping down the blog bunny trail can be very tiring.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Of scrapping and mold

Well I resisted the call of the mold in the inner recesses of the fridge yesterday and instead cleaned out our hot tub which we are getting ready to sell. Love it but never use it, it takes up lots of room and we could use some extra moola right now. I decided that draining it out on a 50 degree day is much better than waiting till it's -10 out. Yes I actually thought ahead a little. I figured the fridge could wait another day, or two, or three. All right I'm putting it off. One of those jobs that will only take 15 minutes but I just hate to do.
Deb did come over last night and we did scrap and we did have fun and we did eat chocolate. She finished off a bunch of pages and started a couple more. I finally found my scrapping mojo and got a couple of pages done and am ready to do some more today. She's the first person that has come to play in my new studio. I found I'm really happy with the set up. I may move a couple of things but we could actually have room for at least one more person or more if I could figure out a way to have a table set up over the spare bed. Hmmmm I'll just have to talk to the carpenter husband of mine.
We have our work Christmas party tonight. It's pretty casual so should be relaxing. And we'll get some good eats.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's 11:17 am, on a Saturday morning. I'm praying that no one comes to the door, that I don't have to make a trip into town, I just want to cocoon in the house today. Maybe I'll venture outside - it is supposed to get up into the 50's and it is January in Nebraska so it would probably be a weather related sin not to enjoy it somehow. My friend Deb might come over to scrap tonight. She's the type of friend you don't have to clean your house for, the good kind, the accepting kind. Although I do NEED to clean the house. Wil thinks that since I cleaned it last week I shouldn't have to clean it this week. I kinda like that philosophy but I know he just doesn't want to have to help. On my list of MUST do's today is cleaning the fridge. There are some interesting smells wafting out whenever the door is opened. I'm sure something in there is aged to perfection, science experiment of mold type perfection. Maybe I should break out the bottle of Asti that's been in the back for a couple of years (a gift from friends that didn't realize we really don't like sparkling wine). I may need the fortification to tackle the job though.

I was a happy camper last night. The SciFi channel had all new episodes of it's SciFi Friday line-up. Poor Marty, here I was all comfy on the couch, with my snacks, yarn, crochet hook & remote control. He comes in, sits on the other couch and is all ready to visit. I gave him a 'look' which he didn't seem to understand. I then have to resort to 'shushing' him. That worked for a few minutes. He waits patiently for a commercial, we had an intelligent deep two minute conversation and the show comes back on. He kept talking. I then had to spell it out. "I've waited 3 months to see if the Gallactica and the Pegusus are going to destroy each other instead of their mutual enemies the Cylons I can't talk right now oh love of my life". Alright maybe that's what I should have said. I may have actually said something to the effect that the show's on, shut up. He got off the couch in a huff and said he was going to bed. I may be in the dog house. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings. I'm not always Mrs. sensativity. We'll see when he gets home today. should I send him flowers?????????? HA, HA.

I must be off, I hear the mold in the fridge calling to me.

I like this Mark Twain quote:
Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.