Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Redhead for a day

I've always wanted to be a redhead. Tried it once in beauty school and the response from schoolmates, friends and family wasn't positive. So yesterday at work I was hit in the head with a pole that fell from a scissor lift (short version of a long story) and got a nice little hair color change, blood red. I wouldn't have been so bad but blood in the hair tends to be sticky at first then all matted and finally kind of gross as it dries and becomes red dandruff. The response to my color change from co-workers wasn't postive but that could be because I was bleeding like a stuck pig and everyone was trying to figure out if I needed to go get some stitches or not. I was going to trust everyone elses opinion as I really didn't want to look and see. A mirror was brought, I politely declined it's use. Finally the pharmacist gave his opinion, yes go to the Dr. and off I went. The Dr. was impressed at what a clean cut it was and promptly stapled me shut with four big daddies. This happened 45 minutes into my shift. After all the paperwork was done I was sent home at 5:30 and still got paid for my full shift.
I'm feeling pretty good today. A little sore and a slight headache but none the worse for wear. I was already scheduled to have today and tomorrow off for work. So have some extra recovery time.

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michelle said...

There are easier ways to be a redhead, dear!