Saturday, July 26, 2008

of perverts

It's been perve week at our little Wally world. Dirty old men, dirty young men, URGHHHH! One of our cashiers is a cute blonde thing, sweet as could be. The guys are always hitting on her but one (I call him tatoo guy) had taken it too far and she was scared. Now tatoo guy has hit on 'all' of us at the store. Uses the same lines, a creep. But he scared our Corinda so Assistant Manager Darren (AMD)stepped in and had a talk with him. Now AMD is one of the nicest guys you'll ever run into but he's a BIG boy. Ex football player, probably defensive lineman or center type, BIG boy. All AMD would have to do is jab his fist to knock the normal man flat and out. Haven't seen tatoo guy back yet.

Another guy, dirty old man type, has been a regular customer. He spends lots of time 'looking' in the store. Didn't figure out till the other night that he was looking at younger women. The other morning I happened to be at the front end around 2 am as two young ladies were checking out and they mentioned that they noticed this guy following them around the store as they were shopping. They called after they left and said that he had followed them out of the parking lot and into town. They were smart and called the police. I'm assuming that he wasn't caught as he was back in the store last night. Now that we knew what he was doing we watched as he 'followed' sweet young things around. He's smooth, until I knew what to look for I hadn't noticed what he was doing. We can't 'technically' do anything about it until he does something but we can keep an eye on him.

Me, I'd like to take a shotgun and aim it at the family jewels. I'm a tad premenstrual at the moment so I may be over reacting just a smidge.

Monday, July 07, 2008

A blonde weekend

Yes my weekend begins as everyone else's is ending. I have Sunday and Monday nights off. I just switched from having Tuesday and Wednesdays off and it's kind of nice to have a little bit of the 'real' weekend off with the rest of the world. Usually Sunday night everyone in my manworld is all relaxed so we can spend the evening lolling about, my favorite way to spend an evening. Yesterday was Marty's birthday so after I got up we went to the local Mexican restraunt, his favorite place to eat and then hung out at home.
Our 4th was nice. Went to a some friends house but had to leave before their fireworks started I had to get back for work. Met some people there whose 14 year old son had never lit any fireworks before, at all. I'm not sure I was able to stop a look of pity and horror from crossing my face. The poor boy! I'm sure he's missed out on some major burn injuries, but to never have the joy of personally being in charge of blowing something up, it's just a little sad in my book. By the time Pat came along I'm sure he was lighting off fireworks of his own design at age 3. When it comes to pyrotechnics my Pat is pretty creative. He surpassed Tom who is no slouch. Ben tends to do quite well at shooting things, he's quite the marksman, got some kind of pin during basic training. I'm proud really, just can't remember what the technical term is. Wil tends to do his destroying in the world of gaming, from what I hear he's darn good at Halo 3. Marty is a builder, not a destroyer. He's never been a big fireworks kind of guy. Another thing I didn't realize about him till after the vows were said. I was ga-ga in love. Didn't take the time to find out the important things, does he like sports? (no) is he musical at all? (no) does he believe that the 4th of July was really invented as a holiday to blow things to smithereens? (no) is he a train nerd? (yes)is he a skuzbag?(yes, his idea of dressing up is to wear clean work clothes). Like I said, GA-GA.
I was a little down as I was driving to work. The sky was lit with everyone's own personal pyrotechnics. Nebraska City's show had yet to start. I was blue, down, dejected......Well our wonderful assistant manager Darren decided to have our evening meeting outside so we could enjoy some of the fireworks. We went out just as the city's fireworks began. For a town our size the Jaycees put on a GREAT show. I was able to ooooo and awwwwwww. Life was good, my evening was better, I got to see things blowing up in a beautiful way.
We got our stimulus check today. Most of it is earmarked for dental work for all of us and glasses (for me) I can't see worth much lately. One of the side benefits of aging. And I think I'm gonna buy a new camera. A small pretty camera that's only for me. If they have any pink ones at wally world I'm sure I'll get one, I've got a PINK thing going so may stick with it for my own electronic safety. Then I'm stocking up on groceries, I'm planning on at least two cart loads. The cupboards won't be bare, the freezer will be full. That should last about a week, HA. The hungry hoards usually can sense when I've done major shopping and descend upon our humble hovel enmasse.
So I'm off to Wally World, going to do my part to stimulate the economy and boost the sales of my employer.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The blonde goes to the dentist

So this blonde has a real anxiety thing about dentists. I tent to avoid going as long as I can. Basically for years. Last time Marty went in he explained this to our dear Dr. John who perscribed some nice little anti-anxiety pills. I'm supposed to take one before I got to bed (which by the way I already did so if this post makes no sense it's cause I'm feelin' no pain, no anxiety, pretty relaxed if you must know). I'm thinking that I may make it through my appt. tomorrow pretty easily. I'll let you know. Well time for beddy bye. I'll update on my experience. Hopefully we won't have to take a break every fifteen minutes for the blonde to pull herself together and not run screaming from the office. It's really not Dr Johns fault. He is a wonderful dentist. I blame my childhood dentist Dr. Burns, who I'm sure was a decent guy but tended to forget me in the chair-or so I claim-I was a child so it may have something to do with the fact that I had not concept of time so it just seemed like two days when it was actually 20 minutes. I'll have to tell you how my visit to the dentists gave me a real aversion to ANYTHING strawberry some other time.
If I survive without too much trauma
The relaxed but still anxiety stricken afraid of the dentist blonde.