Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bonus day

It's snowing, a nice slow white snow. I was supposed to work and evening shift tonight. We had a party of 50 booked but because of the white snow they cancelled the party and I got a call that I didn't have to come in, one of the advantages or disadvantages of living out in the country. I wasn't too disappointed as I'm in creative mode so I get to spend more time in my studio, YEAH!
Speaking of the studio here's what my door/table looked like earlier. I finished the project I was working on so it's cleaned off now but this is how I create. I not only layer on my projects but also on my table.
I love my door/table. My friend Hollie asked if I'd be interested in the door and I jumped on it. It's the perfect door/table nice and deep. I like to have my supplies close to hand so it's deep enough that I can have that and have lots of room to create too. I spent less than $15 to get it set up. I already had a small thin cabinet for the right front, I used the bottom of an old kitchen hutch to hold up the back side. All I needed was something to hold up the left front corner.
Another bonus of the day is that I get to watch the NFL playoff games. I've missed a lot of football this year so I'm appreciting today.
There's a ton of testosterone floating around my house today. My brother is here for the weekend, Wil has a friend over and Ben is hanging out for the day. So that makes 6 males 14 and over. My studio is a place of escape, my oasis of femaleness (is that a word?) and creative tranquility. The men know how sacred it is so they don't venture in there much. BONUS!!!!!

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