Thursday, January 11, 2007

Be blonde

Since BE is my word for the year I thought at least once a week I should spend some time blogging on what I want to be for the week.
So for this week I decided to BE BLONDE. It's not what you think (as I blink my eyes in an empty headed manner). I'm going back to my roots (HAH!!). I've been accentuating my blondeness for the past 7 years, highlighting, going lighter then darker. I subscribe to the magazine 'More', great mag for women in their 40s or 50s. A few of the contributors have let their hair go back to it's natural color. I'd been thinking of embracing my natural blondeness but hadn't worked myself up to it, if you've ever grown your hair out for any reason you'll know why I was putting it off. What pushed me over the edge was the fact that all of the coloring I'd been doing had made my hair like straw, no fun and not pretty.
Things I've noticed:
*My hair has darkened up some, it's more dark blonde than honey blonde. That could be cause it's winter and I don't get outside too much. Although I've lived in Nebraska all my life I don't enjoy winter at all.
*I'm seeing some grey, yes grey. I should have been expecting it, I'm plucking grey hairs out of my eyebrows and from my face (I hate peri-menopause)so why should I be surprised that it's on my head?
*It feels so healthy and smooth. Like this aspect.
*Since it's healthier I may be able to get it a little longer, the men in the family all agree, they like me with longer hair.
I try not to go down hair coloring aisle at all. Then I'm not tempted by the oh so blonde blondes on the boxes. If I were the new years resolution type I suppose that being a real blonde would be what I would resolve to BE.
I've been surfing around flickr and having a blast. Wow there is soooooo much to look at. What groups do I join? Who do I want as contacts? What's the netiquette of the site? So many decisions so little time. Why oh why do I have to feed my family, do housework, go to work, pay the bills, spend time with my hubby???????? Being responsible is such a drag sometimes. I would love to spend days at a time in my studio or online. my studio and online. Heaven!!!

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