Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Uniquely blonde

Seems that I've always been a little, well, different. Oh sure on the outside I seem to be a conformist but on the inside I'm a bit of a rebel. I've got some views about my relationship with my Lord that aren't what you would call 'mainstream', maybe I'll get brave and share more on that in a future post, said views have caused a few relationships to become chilly. I live easier with a little clutter, if I clean I loose my productivity cause I have to search for things. I've finally accepted and embraced the fact that I'm not a morning person (it's a miracle that I can type right now before 9 am) I don't get much accomplished before noon. My husband hasn't accepted this facet of me, he thinks the fact that I need 2 hours to wake up makes me weak and a sissy. I think the fact that he shuts down at 9 pm makes him a major party pooper and a grumpy gus. It's a good thing that I work at night, I'm pretty chipper as I serve hungry people. And some (okay most)people consider my sense of humor "quirky", I sure miss my sis Mel since she's move 600 miles away she's one of the few that get me. I like nothing better than watching a good pro football game on a Sunday afternoon unless it's watching a great Nascar race on a Sunday afternoon. Okay maybe curling up with a good historical romance comes in a close second. I've been creating some funky stuff lately not everyone sees the beauty in some of my art. Then there's my love of SciFi.......
So here's to being unique. I don't consider body piercings and tatoos to be evil. Han Solo is my hero, I know what a Cylon is do you? If I could afford it I might consider getting a tummy tuck.
I think that's as personal as I can get for today, it's still early morning in my own little world (9am, Marty has been up and productive for almost 3 hours (I'm experiencing a shiver of horror), it's hard to bare my soul so early in the day.
So here's to being unique even if it's mostly on the inside most days.

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