Saturday, October 04, 2008

The MOODY blonde

Here's a confession.......I let my moods run my life. Am I in the 'mood' to clean? That's usually a big NO so I don't clean much. Am I in the 'mood' to craft? Not enough! Am I in the 'mood' to work in the office? Not usually but that's one thing I tend to do anyway. Who else is gonna do all the paperwork for the insurance audit? Am I in the 'mood' to sleep? ALWAYS, but I still don't do that enough. Am I in the 'mood' to work? NEVER but those benefits don't make themselves so I go and because I'm a conscientious and conscious person I actually work when I'm there.
(I keep waiting for the dish washing, housecleaning, window washing, bookkeeping fairy to visit my house, but she just keeps passing me by. I NEED SOME FAIRY DUST!!!!).
Am I in the 'mood' to blog? Today I am!!!!
Part of the reason I live by my MOODS is cause I'm a procrastinator. I wait to do things till the very last minute. Drives my man crazy. He's a lets get it done now type of guy. I let things pile up till I can't see over the top of my piles. Although I do know what is in each and every one of those piles. I can't seem to find things put in their proper place. Another thing the man doesn't understand.
It's a good thing the grands come over otherwise I probably wouldn't vacuum much either.

So last weekend was our annual 'train thingy'. Now I always have plans of getting lots done before hand and those plans seem to fall through (usually because of uncontrollable events not because of my procrastination problem). Last year I had a terrible stomach flu, the 'I can't stop worshipping the toilet energy sucking' kind, 3 days before the big event. This year I had an uncle pass away so I was gone for two days. Although I wouldn't give those two days away for anything, family is so very precious. I returned home from the funeral at 5pm Thursday and some of the gang was already here. But they were the preplanned come ahead of time how can we help group. And help they did. What a blessing they were. And what a wonderful weekend we had. Wonderful weather, wonderful people just plain wonderful. The fun lasted till after supper Sunday night. Marty and I had been thinking about downsizing the event next year but decided to not make any changes. We're amazed at how people enjoy it so much. Even the non garden railroad loving spouses like coming although I think the outlet mall and fun stores in town are part of the reason.
We have some wonderful pictures I could download, but I'm not in the MOOD.