Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A word for the year

I was visiting another blog and the author suggested choosing a word for the coming year. One little word that I would chose to focus on this year. She encourages you to make something so your word is infront of you somewhere. A layout, altered letters, the word simply cut out of a magazine, just so it's where you can see it everyday. I've chosen BE. I used to be able to just BE. To enjoy the moment, to accept God's love, to accept others. I've kind of lost sight of that in the last couple of years. Life has gotten busy and intense. I need to BE again. What word would you chose for this year? Now I have to decide how to put this word in a physical in front of my face format. At least it's just two letters, I can make them BIG!!!
What word would you chose for 2007?

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