Monday, March 05, 2007


As I walk past the dressing room door I spy some hangers on the floor and see the edge of a pair of jeans sitting on the seat inside. I inwardly cringe knowing what I'll find when I open the door. Yup! A pile of at least twenty (I stopped counting empty hangers at 20)pieces of clothing mounded in a tangled mess. I was inwardly cursing skinny teenagers, all clothes were size 3 from the juniors section, when I had a flash back. My mother walking by my room with a load of clothes to put in the washer and just standing in my doorway with a look of horror on her face seeing the pile of abandoned clothes spread all over my floor. This happened pretty much every day. Yes mom, it's payback time. I make my living placing clothes back on hangers, taking them out to the floor, really a giant closet right, and then doing it all again repeatedly each and every day. Apparently only three of us associates feel the need to check the dressing room. And we don't all work at the same time. Hmmmm, the younger ones tend to shy away from the magical rooms.
God has a sense of humor. I had 4 boys and now I work in a giant closet. When mom had reached the limit of her endurance of my smarty mouthed ways she would always say, "I hope you have 5 kids just like you". One of the great curses a mother can invoke on her children. I had the four boys, four teenage boys at one time for a few months. Payback!!! I'm sure at some point as she was wading through the flood of clothes on my floor she also muttered "Someday you will work in a giant closet and pick up after ungreatful teenage girls" as she spit on the floor and hooked her index finger. Payback!!!
Life is filled with payback. What goes around really does come around. That's not a bad thing. It involves the good (blessings) and the bad (irate mothers and thoughtless teenage daughters).
"Life is good" I mutter as I calmly fold the skinny butt jeans. Payback!

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michelle said...

I suppose it does come around... Mallory would never dream of having clothing laying on the floor, as I wouldn't either even as a teen. However... the piling of everything else around here is about driving me crazy!! And that all IS my fault!! I'm trying to get my filing cabinets fixed and get my nest made in the new house... and trying to keep up with the cakes and the school and the upkeep.... ugh!! I think I better put the coffee on. I just realized how far I have to go yet today!!