Sunday, May 06, 2007

Rain, rain go away.....

I know that the last few years have been dry here but 4 inches in one day is a little much. Wil woke me up in the EARLY hours to let me know that there was water dripping from his window. Keep in mind that we live in a house that's a hundred years old and that we've reworked the original windows. They usually do a pretty good job of repelling the elements but when the wind is blowing straight from the west - and I mean straight - they just aren't up to the job of holding back the forces of God. Went downstairs and found the same thing happening to the front door, which isn't what I would call a "real" front door. It's a 20 year old patio door that we haven't gotten around to replacing yet. We never expect that door to repel anything. Our dillema this summer is whether to replace that or the fridge. They are both on their last legs. I'm thinking I could take one more winter of shrink wrapping the front 'door' over wondering when the white one will breath out it's last cold breath.

Last night I had my three month review at work. I passed with flying colors. Got a good recomendation from my merchandise supervisor, a raise and the encouragement that when I'm done schooling the boys they would love to have me rise up in the ranks (you must have to work some day hours to do that, I work in the twilight zone). Life is good at Wally World as long as you can go with the flow.

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