Thursday, February 08, 2007


Contrary to popular belief I am sometimes wrong. I must admit this is mostly my belief and not something that is shared by those around me. Yes, I have a pretty high opinion of my opinions. I talked to my almost former boss yesterday and found that she really is concerned about what is happening at the restraunt. I 'believe' that part of our problem as employees is that we were so used to just running things on our own - the old boss was totally hands off - now that's changed and we're not all adjusting and playing well. Some of it still stinks but that's the way they want to do things and that's the way it will be. So I have duly chastised myself, slapped my hand, sat myself in the corner of my mind and decided that I have to live some of my life according to the wise words of Doris Day - whatever will be will be - at least in some parts of life and I have to let go and change my attitude.

I HAVE to set up and take some pics of some of my current work, scrap pages, altered stuff and cards. Maybe this weekend I'll have some time - but I'm not holding my breath.

We're going through a nice little cold snap. I'm sooooooo ready for summer, just skip spring and go right to July, hot, hot, hot. I really don't have an understanding of those that love cold weather and snow. Snow is just too cold to enjoy. But if it was always summer would I appreciate it so much? I wouldn't mind living through a couple years of endless summer to find out.

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michelle said...

I'm with you. They say you need winter to appreciate summer, but I think I'd show proper respect even without the cold. We're being taunted with some nice weather here just to get hit again this weekend. grrr...

see ya soon! have another grandbaby yet?