Thursday, September 01, 2005

A blonde, her dentist and a favorite layout

I know my dentist John is a very nice man. I don't mind meeting him on the street or sharing a meal with him. But once I walk into his office I really don't like him. It's been years since I've sat in that comfy green chair but one of my teeth is falling apart so I went to visit today. It finally dawned on me that about 20 minutes into my nice visit I start to get a little panicky, I had to work at not having a panic attack. So much for my ability to stay cool in crisis situations. It could be because two people have their hands in my mouth, or maybe it goes back to my childhood visits to Dr. Brooks. I can't stand strawberries because of that dear Dr (icky strawberry flavored floride treatments). I know, I know they just want my teeth to be healthy and pain free but I'll put off my next visit as long as I can, will wait till another tooth is falling apart till I visit John and the girls.

Here's one of my favorite layouts that I've done. Everything seemed to click. This pic of my dad when he was younger was out of focus but I really wanted to use it. One of the girls on the Scrapping With Style website used out of focus photos on a LO so I just decided to do the same, going with the idea that as we look back in time our memories can be out of focus.

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