Sunday, September 11, 2005

Marty's World

I started this post two days ago and life suddenly got even hectic-ier (know that's not a real word but it does describe what it's like these days). One of the nice results of this is that I got to spend a few hours yesterday scrapping with my friend Michelle and her daughter Mallory. There are usually a few other friends that join us but their lives are in that hectic category right now too. I made a conscious decision last spring that I was going to make going to our second Saturday crops a priority. Everyone in my family has realized this is important to me and has respected that time and encourage me to go.

Saying all that here are some of my husband Marty's toys. He loves to play. He plays well with others. He likes to share too. I say this kiddingly but he is actually VERY good with his toys. He's a Garden Railroader (GRR) and a darn good one. We live on 4 acres and his outdoor railroad takes up around 1/2 an acre. He is dedidcated to promoting this hobby and is actually becoming well known in this great miniature world. I'm proud of what he does. I do not like playing with trains, watching them go round and round and round just makes me dizzy, but I encourage Marty to have fun. We love to have people come visit, and yes Marty lets others play on his layout. In two weeks we'll be having people from seven states and another country coming to play for a whole weekend. It's a strange and wonderful world that Marty sometimes lives in. Did I mention he's famous in this world? He's been published in several magazines and GardenRailRoaders from all over the world honor and respect him. Okay he's been published, and many respect him but I'm not sure about the honoring part.
Did I mention that I'm proud?
My husband, a man who has truly created his own world.

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