Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yes, it's over, call it a day

Well the BIG weekend is over. Had a great time talking to LOTS of people. Everyone started showing up Friday afternoon, some stayed all weekend (we need to start reserving a blok of rooms at one of the motels). The guys ran trains till we went to eat at the Depot, local restraunt located in the old depot. On Saturday morning guys started showing up at 7:15 am - they are serious about running trains, the whole purpose for the weekend. We had around 80 people show up throughout the day, some just came to look at the trains. Went out to eat with 20+ Saturday night. Today was a lot lighter, not as many people. We had record breaking heat the last couple of days but I'll take that for sure over rain. The wives always help me so much, they brought lots of food and helped with clean up.
We're already planning for next year. Love the friends this hobby has brought to us.
The boys do all they can to stay out of harms way though. Some of our friends are kinda excentric (we're not of course). Tom escaped to town all weekend. Pat got away Friday night, then he and Wil played video games alot Sat & Sunday. Wil would sneak out and visit for a few minutes here and there and always seemed to be around when it was time to head out to eat.
My camera batteries need charging up so I'll post some photos tomorrow.
I've got more cleaning up to do but think like Scarlet O'hara that I'll think about that tomorrow.

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