Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Oh my, I'm 45!!!!

Yesterday was my 45th birthday. It just seems kind of old when I type it out! The boys all got me nice cards, Marty took me out to eat for lunch and I took a nice l-o-n-g bath last night (was pretty pruny when I got out). The boys always get the day off from school when their bday falls on a week day. I told Pat that I thought I should have the day off and he said I gotta teach I'm an adult and adults don't take their bday off. HMMMM
It was another good day.
This is my potting shed, all the guys did some work on it as an early birthday present. The good thing about it was they didn't have to spend anything on it, all it took as lots of elbow grease. I took this pic right after it was done, so I do have some things in it now. I have to get some shelves and hooks up and get a couple of big containers for potting soil and mulch. Marty & I visited some friends in AK back in June and Reba had a potting shed that I just ooo-ed and ah-ed over so this is what I got! Very cool!! Marty has a clematis that he wants to get out of his GRR so I think I'll have him move it over to my shed.
We're watching as hurricane Rita is moving towards Texas. Two big ones in a month. I'm just praying that it dies down some before it makes land fall. We may be struggling to make it but at least we're not looking at everything we own being blown away or flooded.
I'm off to enter all sort of contests, BHG, DIY, HGTV they're all giving money, homes and cool stuff away. Maybe we'll win something.

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