Sunday, September 18, 2005

Of Migraines and MoJo

OF MIGRAINES: Woke up this morning with a nifty little migraine. When I couldn't sleep at all last night I should have known one was coming on. It's been quite a while since I had one. Marty and I were supposed to go to a garden rr club meeting today and I decided that 4 hours in a car and 2 hours out in the sun would be a little much so he headed out on his own. The upside is that EVERYONE is gone today so I have the house to myself, I consider this an early birthday gift even though it's unintentional. I'm also looking a little rough around the edges, not a pretty sight so I don't have to worry about anyone seeing me. If anyone comes to the door I'll just hide.
Since I'm home I did get this shot of Doobers sleeping on the clean clothes in the dryer. Marty grabbed a clean pair of whitie tighties and must have left the door open.

OF MOJO: I've been purposing to spend more time creating, whether its scrapping, altering or beading. This is my first altered clipboard. I really like it. I painted it gold, placed a layer of dressmaking tissue paper on, put some vaseline over areas i didn't want my next layer of paint to cover, painted it a dark burgandy, removed the vaseline, glued my photo, did some distressing with some sandpaper then added a last layer of watered down black paint. I used Perfect Paper Adhesive (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby) between any layers with paper and then covered the finished product with 3 coats. BTW we're all looking at our dog Angel who's under the 'I'. Used Alchol Inks on the metal, stamps are MM foam stamps. Various acrylic paints. I love the texture the tissue paper gives to the project.
I got some fun stuff (some fibers and a surprise scrappin project) in the mail the other day so hopefully my mojo will be juiced up.
Well, guess it's time to do some other stuff, like clean out my craft room so I can actually craft.

Another bonus of my day at home, I get to watch the Nascar race, it's a wild one, lot's of crashes, helmet throwing, and getting back at each other. I'm also watching some pro football too. A couple of the things I enjoy that none of my guys do. Sometimes one of them will take pity and watch with me for a few minutes, they love me.

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