Monday, September 19, 2005

It was a good day, a very good day

After we got done with school I headed to Lincoln (NE) to do some shopping. Marty need some picture frames for some photos he'd had matted so I got to go to one of my favorite places, Hobby Lobby since they (the frames) were 1/2 off this week. Believe it or not I only got the frames and a candle for Jamie's (son Tom's girlfriend) house warming gift. I had to drive right by Scrap Your Heart Out, one of my other favorite places to go and spent less than $20. I actually knew what I needed and pretty much stuck with that. On to Circuit City, yes another wonderful land for me to visit. I had to pick up a pre order for a friend so just walked in the door to customer service and right back out. Next stopped at Office Depot to get a chair mat for under the computer desk. Did a whole tour of the store and got ONLY THE MAT. I'm starting to think that migraine yesterday did some damage to the shopping lobe of my brain (It's true there's a special lobe set aside for just that), I was being soooo good. Then on to my next favorite place to go - that makes 4 favorite places right? I can't put them in any order, love them all - where was I, next favorite place, Barnes & Noble. I was by myself and not on any time crunch so I spend almost 2 hours wandering and touching and turning pages and sniffing. I LOVE BOOK STORES. I wasn't so good there. But one of the books I bought was for history so that was a 'needed' expenditure. The two Star Warsbooks and light romance I really could have lived without, but tomorrow is my birthday so I splurged. picked up a Legacy magazine too.
I'm actually excited about the history book. It's called American Courage, Remarkable True Stories Exhibiting the Bravery That Has Made Our Country Great edited by Herbert W. Warden III. What a mouthful. I'm concentrating on American History this year and think this will be a good postive book. I'll let you know. I've always made history a group subject, so we've always done alot of out loud reading.
Also stopped at Wally World (walmart for those who use their higher brain functions). I was v-e-r-y good there, exept for the outfit for Gabby, I couldn't resist, it was cute and purple and soft and had some very understated frills. Other than that I just bought necessities.
Haven't heard from Ben since last Thursday. He wrote a really nice letter to Marty. He's supposed to be going out in the field this week and doing some camping. He's said that being in the army is taking some getting used to and mentioned that he'll NEVER complain about working out in the heat again.
Here's hoping I get a good nights sleep. I can barely keep my eyes open so I better hit the sack before I catch my second wind, then I'm away till 2 am.
TTFN & God Bless

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