Wednesday, August 31, 2005


*I am sooo thankful for my home, family, water, electricity! The things we take for granted that those many people in the path of hurricane Katrina and her aftermath don't have any more.
*There's nothing like getting to talk to your son for two minutes!!!!!!!
*Medical science is wonderful but the power of God to heal and protect it even better!
*Flowers are such a pick me up.
*Chocolate is one of the greatest gifts to (wo)mankind.
*Fun is such a subjective word, one persons fun can be another persons terror (I love WILD rides, my men do not, where did I go wrong?). My husbands idea of fun - playing with trains - is really my idea of boredom or WORK. And I'm sure my idea of fun, sitting down with a good book, is his idea of a nightmare.
*little babies are definately one of the greatest gifts of all.
*I'm looking at my rear view mirror of life and seeing the summer fade into the distance. It went by WAAAAAY to fast.

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