Friday, September 23, 2005

The funny stuff

Okay, I just had to add some more tonight! Being serious is taking it's toll on me, I need to lighten up. I was going to do 10 things I think are funny, but I'm in a hurry so I'll only do 5
1. It makes me laugh when I want to give the boys a hug or a kiss and they RUN!!!!!
2. Marty is just so darn serious, i have to laugh at him sometimes ( maybe at inappropriate times)
3. My boss, he can be a funny guy. Most times when you ask him a question you have a 5 count before he answers (too many drugs for too many years I think)
4. My sister, we have a good time together, quirky sense of humor that most people don't appreciate
5. The Sunday comics, but Marty doesn't get the point (okay that would be thing #6)
I feel better now.

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