Sunday, August 07, 2005

Our House Is A Very, Very, Very fine House

We were asked on a board I belong to to describe our dream house. I thought about it and decided that I'm living in my dream house. It fits all the criteria:
  • there's enough room for everyone
  • it's in the country
  • it's ours - or, well it will be in about 15 years (darn mortgage payments)
so here it is our house, no our home.
So the other day I was going to tell about Holly our world travelling missionary friend. She was in Mexico in 1999 and got a nasty parazite that causes degenerative blindness most commonly called River Blindness. She started loosing her eyesight in 2002 and was to the point of going through occupational rehab in 2003 which included having to use a white cane for mobility and a voice accelerated computer program for her work. Through all this she continued with her missions work and was open to the blessings God had for her.
In Dec of 2004 she headed to India for outreach and noticed an improvement in her sight. When she got back in Feb she also noticed there was no further deterioration of sight. Her sight has since improved to the point that she can drive again during the day.
God is still performing miracles and Holly is living, breathing proof!!!!

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