Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Day 2

AAAACK! Just lost all I entered by backing up, oh well here we go again - okay in this instance this blonde is not having more fun -
Had an eventful day. Tom (son #2) spent the night in the hospital with his girlfriend Jamie as she was having a baby. Soap opera plot 'she was already pregnant with another man's child when they began thier relationship' (dramatic organ music in the background). Anyhoo....

So Gabrielle Brianna made her entrance early this morning. She's a cutie pie. She weighed in at 5lb. 4oz and was 18" long. We've (Marty & I) started getting congratulated on being grandparents and then the questioning looks come and then we have had to say we're not really grand parents. I can see it's going to be a little complicated.
At least life isn't boring.

Wil and I spent the afternoon cleaning the basement. It was pretty scarry, lots of dirt and cobwebs, I'm still sneezing truly icky stuff out. Got about 1/2 way done, will hopefully finish up tomorrow. Told Marty he should just pull the trash trailer up to the basement door, lots of crap to throw away.

Ended the day making a visit to the hospital and got to hold a little bundle of joy. What a good end to a nice day.

Have to end with a good blonde joke my dear friend Deb told me.

'A dumb blonde, a smart blonde and Santa Clause all jumped off the empire state building at the same time, who hit the ground first?
I said, Santa Clause..........what do you think?
Answer: the dumb blonde cause the other two aren't even real. HHHAAAA!!!!!!!

God is Truly Good!!!!!

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