Friday, August 19, 2005

God, widows and sci-fi Friday

My dear friend Margaret is getting ready to head to China to be a full time missionary. Her husband Larry (who was also a dear friend of ours) passed away a year and a half ago. We've seen in her life how God takes care of widows. She's in the process of selling their house and had come up against the buyers wanting her to do more than what they had agreed too. She felt she needed to stand firm on what they had originally agreed to and told her realtor that. The bottom line, both realty companies decided to take 1% off their commissions to pay for this problem (something they should have caught). God is good, he answers prayer and takes care of his widowed daughters.

Thought for today: the essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail
Edwin H Land

Am hoping to finish Gabrielle's scrapbook tonight, it's sci-fi Friday so I need to watch some GOOD tv while I do that.

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