Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's 11:17 am, on a Saturday morning. I'm praying that no one comes to the door, that I don't have to make a trip into town, I just want to cocoon in the house today. Maybe I'll venture outside - it is supposed to get up into the 50's and it is January in Nebraska so it would probably be a weather related sin not to enjoy it somehow. My friend Deb might come over to scrap tonight. She's the type of friend you don't have to clean your house for, the good kind, the accepting kind. Although I do NEED to clean the house. Wil thinks that since I cleaned it last week I shouldn't have to clean it this week. I kinda like that philosophy but I know he just doesn't want to have to help. On my list of MUST do's today is cleaning the fridge. There are some interesting smells wafting out whenever the door is opened. I'm sure something in there is aged to perfection, science experiment of mold type perfection. Maybe I should break out the bottle of Asti that's been in the back for a couple of years (a gift from friends that didn't realize we really don't like sparkling wine). I may need the fortification to tackle the job though.

I was a happy camper last night. The SciFi channel had all new episodes of it's SciFi Friday line-up. Poor Marty, here I was all comfy on the couch, with my snacks, yarn, crochet hook & remote control. He comes in, sits on the other couch and is all ready to visit. I gave him a 'look' which he didn't seem to understand. I then have to resort to 'shushing' him. That worked for a few minutes. He waits patiently for a commercial, we had an intelligent deep two minute conversation and the show comes back on. He kept talking. I then had to spell it out. "I've waited 3 months to see if the Gallactica and the Pegusus are going to destroy each other instead of their mutual enemies the Cylons I can't talk right now oh love of my life". Alright maybe that's what I should have said. I may have actually said something to the effect that the show's on, shut up. He got off the couch in a huff and said he was going to bed. I may be in the dog house. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings. I'm not always Mrs. sensativity. We'll see when he gets home today. should I send him flowers?????????? HA, HA.

I must be off, I hear the mold in the fridge calling to me.

I like this Mark Twain quote:
Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.

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