Thursday, January 12, 2006

The restraunt blues

Those who work in any capacity in the restraunt business know that during January & February we sing the blues. As in "everybody got their holiday credit card bills and can't afford regular food let alone prime USDA choice cut steak' blues. Oh mamma were we slow the last two nights. Both nights we had 7 tables all night. Both nights the same measley tips, lets just say that I won't be buyin nothin fancified for meals this week. Makes me really appreciate that $28/hour I made New Years Eve even more. But we were talking about how great our job really is. When we're busy we run our tails off and usually don't have time for a break till we close (I work the evening shift). But when we're slow, like tonight as long as we have our chores done, make sure what customers we have are taken care of and do a little extra then we can take it easy. I had bought a paper before work so we did the Sudoku puzzle (my newest addiction) and some cross words.
I'm gearin up to go crop on Saturday. I'm actually planning ahead (the moon must be in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars ( a little 60's flashback, I was 9). I've been printing up some pictures and gathering supplies. I usually wait till about 20 minutes before I have to go and I'm just throwing everything in my bags. Something is definetely up, next thing I know I'll have whole layouts pre-planned, each placed in their own page protectors with all the embellishments chosen too. No, that would mean the world was coming to an end, then where would we all be? Hmmmmmm, is it time for a deep philisophical discussion? Nah!!!! that would just hurt too much.

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