Monday, January 23, 2006

A teary eyed night

I was instant messaging my friend Margaret in China and got misty eyed missing her. Then as I was checking out my favorite blogs I read Rosemary's birthday letter to her mom that is no longer with her. I'm sniffing and wiping at this point. On comes a commercial for the one chopper show (where the dad always yells at everyone as they are re-doing bikes) and the next show is about this guy who sold his bike to help when his mom had cancer and the yelling dad and sons are custom building a bike for him. Tears dropping at this point. But what really made me cry was the come hither look Marty gave me as he stepped out of the bathroom in his sweats. Okay I was laughing so hard I was crying. The sweats were pulled up to his chest, very nerdy, not sexy. But a good laugh.
I've been surfing tonight. Checking out all these crotcheting sites. looking for the perfect pattern (that's easy) for the perfect tote. Think I found one I like now I just need to get the yarn. I keep giving away my projects before I get a picture of them. I've done a bunch of scarves and some caps too, really I have. There's just not visual proof.

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