Sunday, January 08, 2006

Of scrapping and mold

Well I resisted the call of the mold in the inner recesses of the fridge yesterday and instead cleaned out our hot tub which we are getting ready to sell. Love it but never use it, it takes up lots of room and we could use some extra moola right now. I decided that draining it out on a 50 degree day is much better than waiting till it's -10 out. Yes I actually thought ahead a little. I figured the fridge could wait another day, or two, or three. All right I'm putting it off. One of those jobs that will only take 15 minutes but I just hate to do.
Deb did come over last night and we did scrap and we did have fun and we did eat chocolate. She finished off a bunch of pages and started a couple more. I finally found my scrapping mojo and got a couple of pages done and am ready to do some more today. She's the first person that has come to play in my new studio. I found I'm really happy with the set up. I may move a couple of things but we could actually have room for at least one more person or more if I could figure out a way to have a table set up over the spare bed. Hmmmm I'll just have to talk to the carpenter husband of mine.
We have our work Christmas party tonight. It's pretty casual so should be relaxing. And we'll get some good eats.

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