Thursday, December 21, 2006

The (very)young blonde grandma and the pool hall.

So I didn't have to watch the babies today and have some extra time to do a little blogging. Although I love watching said babies they-wear-me-out! I'm getting old, this is why one should try not to have children after they turn 45. After they left on Tuesday I took a nap, and not just any kind of nap. The kind of nap where you wake yourself up snoring and then find you've drooled all over the couch, that kind of nap. Like I said OLD!!!
Last time I blogged I decided to try out a new template, I thought I had saved all the settings from my old template, but no, they must be lost in template heaven, thus the boring layout. If I have any time over Christmas break I may play around. But that may not be possible because............
We're getting a pool table for Christmas. I have visions of becoming a pool shark, going into pool halls looking like a (very)young grandma with no apparent skills and bilking millionaires out of their unhard earned cash. Well a (very)young grandma can dream right? I've ALWAYS wanted a pool table, the lucky kids I hung out with had pool tables. Said table could be in the worst pit of a basement in a very bad part of town and I would still think they were the richest of chums. Now ours can be the COOL place to hang out. We'll have pool cues hanging on the wall and holes in the wall where balls 'accidentaly' fly from the table and maybe someday those cool little stools to sit on. There won't be any nifty stained glass light fixture hanging over the table as our ceiling is too low (hmmmmm, I'm thinking there will probably be holes in the ceiling from pool cues raised in victory). So by tomorrow night we should have a pool hall in our basement, no millionaires in site but maybe I'll be able to talk my hunky hubby into.......something.

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