Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oh the weather outside is frightful

BRRRRRR!!!!! Our high today is a whopping 2 degrees. With the 'wind-chill-factor' it's like -11. We have the wood stove stoked up to the gills and the space heater in the living room so I can be warm doing book work. Marty is home today since it's too cold to do much work, so that means I'm getting half the amount of work done that I need to. We're going to visit our accountant tomorrow to talk finances for the business so I have balance sheets, financial statments and income and expense reports in my immediate future. Decided I needed a blog break.
My shopping expedition on Friday was a success. Got Wil's Bday presents and a couple of Chrismas presents along with a scrapping mag (Scrapbook Answers my new fav) 3 pieces of paper and some honking huge brads. I was very proud of my self restraint at the LSS. I did break down and by some whitening strips for my teeth, they are getting very coffee stained. They're gross but I guess that's the price you pay for vanity.
I tried uploading some pics of the bookmarks I made but so far I'm not seeing them. Anyhoo I traded them in for credit at The Book Clinic and got Gabby a couple of fun baby books. I decided I'm gonna be her book sugar g-momma. So if you see an empty little box on the blog click it and you may see some book marks, they're cool and funky if I do say so myself.
I NEED to do some excercising, haven't been to the wellness center for a month, good money down the drain. I'm starting to feel jiggly, like jello. Now it's a good thing for Jello to be jiggly but not my tummy and thighs. EWWWWWWWW.
We've informed the kids that they'll have to lower their Christmas expectations some this year. At first Pat and Wil were a little gripy, but then seemed to take it in stride and started revamping their lists. It's not such a big thing with Ben and Tom. Guess I'll have to work on making it more memorable and meaningful than packageful (I know that's not a word but it fits my thought train).

I hear the balance sheet calling my name
Debits and credits are pulling at my brain
Income and expenses can kinda get me down.
I guess tomorrow we gotta go to town.

Okay I won't quit my night job to write song lyrics.

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Jill said...

I haven't worked out in a couple months so I'm feeling you on the jello thing. I'm not looking forward to seeing my family at Christmas b/c I'm afraid they'll think I've gotten fat!! I'm a big procrastinator too. I hate it yet have a difficult time changing. *sigh*