Monday, June 23, 2008

The Mutt and the truck and how they met

The Mutt: Max. AKA Stinky Butt Mutt, Dumb Mutt, Mutt Face, Pretty Boy Mutt, ADHD Stupid Mutt, &%$#@!!!!(that's Marty's name for him as I don't use THAT kind of language).

The Truck: Pat's baby.

Background: Max is a great dog but is basically still a puppy (9months old). He has no fear of vehicles so is always be right there running around as we pull in the driveway in which ever vehicle we chose from our personal used car lot. {At this point we have seven vehicles and 4 people, when we have everyone here then there's 9 vehicles I think that qualifies as a used car lot don't you?}

Last Thursday afternoon Pat gets ready to leave for town when all of a sudden he comes back in the house and says "I think I ran over the dog"! He then added "But I think he's okay cause he's running around". I give him the 'I can't believe you just said that' look (we both got it from several people after telling them the story). Seems that Max ran under the pickup between the front and back tires. Pat felt the truck bump over something and then heard Max yelping. We go out and Max is running around with a little bit of a limp. I decided to take him to the vet to have him checked out. The Doc was asking if we were sure he was run over cause by that time Max wasn't even acting like his hinney was tender. So the puppy angel that watches over Max earned her keep that day. Max is still an ADHD Stupid Mutt and I'm not sure he's learned to respect the fact that cars are bigger than him and not his personal toys. I'm sure in his twisted logic doggy mind he'll have figured out that since he got run over by the truck he got to take a ride in the car and that's always a treat so maybe he should do it more often.

Oh yes and Pat's truck is the envy of most the young men of the town who love the smell, sound and feel of diesel and who also don't have families to support and can spend all their hard earned cash on trucks with fancy chrome semi stacks and custom built bumpers. Many moons ago Marty used to be that way, then came The Blonde and his life changed for the better.......or so I tend to think.

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