Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The blonde 'loves' pink

Here's my hot pink baby.

I love my hot pink ipod! I take it everywhere. It fills my life with music. It's my 'precious'. I was a little panicky earlier as I wanted to use it and my 'precious' wouldn't work. OMG!!!!! Did I save the receipt? Do I have to reload everything? Did I lock it the last time I used it? Yup! I'm really feeling the blondeness right now.

I'm finding that I'm turning into a pink lover. It's not what you might think. I'm not going froo-froo. It's purely a self preservation thing. As in I want to preserve my 'things' for myself.
As a mom I'm a push over. The boys just have to look at something I own that's electronic in nature and I'm handing it over. I'm an electronic enabler. You'd think that as they are either in or entering adult hood that I wouldn't still have this problem, but alas, I DO! So in an effort to save myself I started buying pink.
Another example.

My last razr was a nice silver one. Wil's cell phone wasn't that great. I got the pathetic puppy dog look and "if you ever want to trade phones Mom I would like it" speech. I admit, I caved and traded. His cell phone really was a piece of......well I don't like to use crude descriptive words. So I bought a nice used 'pink' razr. Pink is my safety net. My out.
Now I just have to start painting all my things pink. Like the lap top, wii (Tom & Jamie have that right now), PS2 (Ben has that now), boombox (Pat has that), PS3 (that's technically half Wil's so I suppose I can't convert it to pink), my lovely 42" LCD piece of 'art' hanging in the living room, the car, the camera etc........

I suppose I could just say NOOOOOOO. But I'm just so happy they like electronic thingys I'm compelled to enable. I should form a support group EEA-Electronic Enablers Anonymous. I keep thinking I'm bad cause Marty doesn't have this problem. But I'm sure if any of them showed the merest in trains he would be dumping stuff all over them.

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