Friday, June 06, 2008

7 months of WHAT???

The last 7 months in a nutshell:

Went through a minor bathroom remodel. Our bath/laundry area was one long room. Marty was home a lot in Jan & Feb, a whole lot, like "don't you work anymore?" a lot "maybe you should sell yourself on the corner" a lot. But I digress that's water under the bridge, a bank loan to pay the lumber bills under the bridge. So we split the bath and laundry area, pocket doors make this magic possible. It's nice to be able to close the door so I can't see the mountain of dirty clothes for a little bit. I also got a nice new marble countertop. Oh and I finally got the wall papered the other night before I went to work, gotta be in the paperin' mood in order for it to work right just took 4 months to get in that mood. I had to do some very creative piecing, didn't have much left over from when I papered a few years back. In fact I had a small 12" X 12" piece of paper left over, that's literally cutting it pretty close.

The most adorable grandson in the world turned 1 in March. Kota reminds me of his dad so much it's almost eerie. He has ornery stamped all over his face and is cuter than a button.

The most beautiful grandaughter in the world is mine. The DRAMA just increases each and every minute. Light and sunshine then in the blink of an eye darkness and a dirty look, she's 2 1/2 ...hmmmmmm........13..............hmmmmmm......

I've adjusted to the life of a vampire. For the most part love working the night shift. There are moments though. Like when I wake up at 4 in the afternoon and have no idea what time it is, it's very surreal. I'm never quite sure what day of the week it is cause my 'weekend' is Tues and Wed. But oh the quietness at 3 am is a wonderful thing at Wally world. Have also been reaping the rewards of having good health insurance coverage as we've all had to see the Dr. this winter, even disgustingly healthy #3 son was sick. Our Wally World is an incubus of viral filth. Haven't ever been sick so much over a winter.

#4 son, My baby turned 16, that seems to be the beginning of my letting go phase with the boys. Just a taste of the 'empty' nest.....Which leads to.....

Had a couple of months when I really couldn't remember why I married the studdly one. Studdly wasn't a real word till I typed it out, now I've made it so. Yes Jean Luc Piccard I can make it so too. (If you've never watched Star Trek TNG that will make no sense to you). Oh yeah back to the studdly one. It's all better now, I'm in love again, but the commitment factor played a big part in the reason he survived. A word of wisdom from the peri-menopausal Blonde, you can't live by your feelings, they're all over the place, kind of like my most beautiful 2 1/2 year old grandaughter.

#3 son turned 18 and is Mr. Independent. I must take a pic of his new/used pickup with the semi exhaust stacks and his tat, soon to be tats. He's done with school. I'm down to homeschooling one.

#2 son stopped working for his dad and got a job with a company that's building onto our local power plant. He's making loads of dough but his job will be over soon. They got a new/used Durango.

Almost daughter-in-law got her associates degree in Criminal Justice and will start working on her Bachelors in August and is raising a family and is doing daycare. Can you tell I'm VERY impressed and proud of her?

Found out #1 son's reserve unit will be deployed in December and out of the country by Feb. Not looking forward to that time but have been expecting it for a couple of years. He got a new/used pick up.

After a long break I'm starting to do some creative stuff again. I love my pretty paper, touching it, tearing it, gluing it, crumpling it, smelling it.......p-a-p-e-r. Some people collect antiques, I collect paper.

I've only been out of Nebraska City 4 times in the last 7 months. Not a bad thing I just can't believe it. But then when you have to take a loan out just to gas up your car who can afford to drive to the big city.

Paid off my car. It's so tempting to get something else but that lack of car payment will probably allow me to actually put gas in said car, which gets pretty good gas mileage and is reliable. But did you notice that 3 of my 4 got new/used vehicles? We also bought a new/used work van that #1 drives. I'm suffering from new/used vehicle envy. Have to make myself not look at the car sale adds in the paper and drive by car lots. Must-fight-temptation. The studdly one has put his foot down and said "NO NEW/USED CARS". Remember how well that worked for President Bush #1 with the tax issue?

We have a new member in the family. Max, an adhd preteen german shepherd, joined the Clan in April. He's settling down some. He has a thing for squeeky toys, must have one in his mouth all the time, like a pacifier. A good dog though. A good addition!

My life in a nutshell. Pretty good. Full.

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