Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why blondie why?

One of the questions I get asked all the time is why I work 3rd shift. When I get to the part of my answer that I really like it I get a blank look then another WHY?. I'll have to take a picture at work one of these nights so you can see a visual. Two words...EMPTY ISLES. Now I know we need customers to survive and thrive. I just like working when there aren't too many of them. I can think, I can hum/sing, I can space off (don't need to think too hard when you're slinging boxes of diapers), I can pray, the possibilities are endless. There's also the $1.50 and hour more. I also like to drive around town during my lunch break at 2:30 am. There's something about seeing your town at that hour. It's quiet, it's pretty, it's a little surreal, it's safe. Because it's a small town I can get away with this. There aren't too many gangs. I usually see at least one city cop cruiser and 4 or 5 cars. I'm also getting to know the drive through night crew at McDonalds. They know just how I like my Sugar-Free Vanilla Iced Coffee (one splenda) and my cheeseburger (plain). It's also a good excuse to become a recluse. On my days off I keep pretty much the same hours and who wants to catch a cup of coffee at 3am? Marty and I have adjusted to our evenings together. To some that wouldn't seem to be a problem. Spending evenings with your husband is a blessing right? We had 10 years where I was gone at least 3 nights a week or more working. So all this togetherness took a little adjustment, at least on my part.
So here's to the night shift and those that work it. At Wally World we keep the groceries on the shelves, the bedding ready for your bed, the paper ready for your printer, boat horns for the teenagers to use anywhere but on the river, the diapers are there to cradle the babies butts (I no longer like the smell of new unused diapers) and the TVs are right there calling to you "buy me, I would look great on your wall". We make sure it's there for you and enjoy the quiet at least until assistant manager Darren walks through yelling enthusiastically "fired up?" expecting an equally enthusiastic "fired up" in response.

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