Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The blonde goes to the dentist

So this blonde has a real anxiety thing about dentists. I tent to avoid going as long as I can. Basically for years. Last time Marty went in he explained this to our dear Dr. John who perscribed some nice little anti-anxiety pills. I'm supposed to take one before I got to bed (which by the way I already did so if this post makes no sense it's cause I'm feelin' no pain, no anxiety, pretty relaxed if you must know). I'm thinking that I may make it through my appt. tomorrow pretty easily. I'll let you know. Well time for beddy bye. I'll update on my experience. Hopefully we won't have to take a break every fifteen minutes for the blonde to pull herself together and not run screaming from the office. It's really not Dr Johns fault. He is a wonderful dentist. I blame my childhood dentist Dr. Burns, who I'm sure was a decent guy but tended to forget me in the chair-or so I claim-I was a child so it may have something to do with the fact that I had not concept of time so it just seemed like two days when it was actually 20 minutes. I'll have to tell you how my visit to the dentists gave me a real aversion to ANYTHING strawberry some other time.
If I survive without too much trauma
The relaxed but still anxiety stricken afraid of the dentist blonde.

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