Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The BLONDE is still kickin

Contrary to popular belief I am still of this world. Man what a wild spring & summer so far. I usually spend June kicking back a little a regrouping. Catch up on cleaning. Finish some projects around the house. Do some scrappin. Not this time around.
We had a couple of waitresses (3 to be exact)quit to work at different restraunts and then it's vaction season (mine included more on that later) so I've been putting in some major extra hours at the steak house. The one bright side of the situation....new flooring from my back porch through the kitchen and into the bathroom. I LOVE my new floor. Who knew that those little adhesive backed 12x12 tiles could bring to me such bliss? Now the little Gabster can crawl to her hearts content and not feel like she has to eat the pieces of old tiles that were constantly becoming unattached. She's quite the little vacume cleaner you know, just like her daddy Tom was.
Anywhoo, this is the first week in awhile that I'll be on my regular steak house schedule, only two nights at work, woohoo.
I'm getting caught up on office work today. ANd I've been spending time in my studio! Yes, creating, touching paper, smelling the ink, feeling the fibers. And I'm blogging, I've missed it even if no one reads it I've missed it.
Next installment......vacationing with the parents, an excercise in terror and fun.


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