Saturday, July 29, 2006

blogging blonde

I've been having some fun this evening. I have time to blog hop. Haven't had time to do that for quite awhile it's usually something I do in the winter, when I can't get outside (I hate the cold). Found one cool site. It's a scrapping dare challenge . I may have to do it. Just in case I don't get around to doing this past weeks dare was WHY DO YOU SCRAP? Okay, so I'm thinking 'of course it's to save the memories and photos for the generations that follow'. sounds so deep doesn't it? But, when I decided to be honest with myself I realized I scrap for ME!!!!! Yup it's only for me. Even if my family would never open an album in the future I'd still scrap. It's a total creative and grounding outlet for me. I also LOVE to shop at scrapping stores so I figure that it would be a good idea to put allllll that paper I compulsively buy to good use. It also gives me a good excuse to have a little room all to myself, how could I justify having a whole room for yarn or cross stitching? Now I always make sure to let the guys fell like they're welcome in 'my' room. They can come in when they want. Okay, okay I'm being honest with myself here, I like being able to kick them out whenever I want. I don't like them laying on the spare bed or sitting on my chairs or touching all my 'stuff' (Wil seems to like to test drive all my tools everytime he comes in here). If they come in and I'm crashed on said spare bed that means 'leave momma alone, to be in here you should be dying'. I love that they are all self sufficient now so I don't have to feel bad about hiding away in my happy place. Now if I could just find some curtains or material to make curtains for the windows it would be perfect, oh well it gives me something to shop for besides paper.

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