Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Surf safer

On the right panel of my blog you'll notice a new little box that says better, safer, faster with the back of a little fox. If you click on that little box it will take you to the website for Mozilla Firefox where you can safely and easily switch from using Internet Explorer as your browser to Firefox. It's totally free AND really is safer. Since switching to Firefox I've had a lot less problems with viruses, worms, trojans, data miners and all those other nasty things that the wonderful people on the internet can throw in your way. More people tend to target IE as a source to pass along all those icky things that can totally ruin your computer. Sometimes you'll run into a program that will only run with IE (example, if I want to print up my rewards certificate from Best Buy I have to use it) but that hardly ever happens. So this was my public service announcement for the day.
Well we survived Valentine's day, got candy for the boys, an adorable outfit for Gabby and a card for Marty. I usually make him one but was just too lazy this year, we're not big on exchanging gifts on this holiday. Usually cause we're in the we're gonna have to pay taxes in a couple of months let's eat mode. I caught a couple of minutes of Regis and Kelly this am and agree with Kelly that Valentine's Day is more for those that aren't married. If you're married isn't every day supposed to be Valentine's Day? OOOPS!!!! I almost choked as I was laughing.

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