Monday, February 27, 2006


I'm finally able to post. Blogger was having some technical problems so haven't been able to post for 3 days. The week before that was just plain busyness.
So this last weekend I got to crop Friday night and all day Saturday. It was fun. It was productive. It was a time of eating too much. It was not enough sleep.
Gabby came for awhile too:
I think she may have to grow some more to really appreciate it. Although a couple of the younger girls that were there cropping were awfully helpful at times. Thanks Mallory and Kendall.
I learned something new. How to transfer photos to muslin. Took me about three hours to really get the process down. I kept wanting to hurry it along and that's one of those things you just can't do. I had bought a Somerset Workshop book and that was the first 'workshop' I did. Can't wait to try some of their other ones. I think that book will be well worth the investment.
So in two weeks we'll be back to our regular crops, the second Saturday and for "only" 9 hours, is that really enough time to get anything done?
This coming weekend is the men's barbershop chours' show. We are singing a few songs too. It's a tribute to Bob Hope so will be set up like a USO. I'm looking forward to it. I volunteer to put the stage makeup on the men. That's always very fun, it's great to able to kid them about that when they come into the restraunt to eat. So I'll have a busy week. But a good one I'm sure.

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