Monday, February 06, 2006

I've been working on my b-l-o-g, all the live long day.

So today I've got financial boxes, records, receipts, checkbooks, lists, pens, pencils, my calculator & assorted beverages spread out on the dining room table. I'm compiling, gathering, calculating and other ing things stuff and finally settling down so we can get to the CPA and have our taxes done. I'm the bookkeeper for our business so it's not just a matter of gathering all our W-2's and filling in the blanks with turbo tax (although that is a recuring dream of mine, fast, simple and getting money back from the government).
Having said all that I've been taking breaks throughout the day. I call them breaks but they could really be called avenues of escape. I diligently work for awhile then the newest issue of Scrapbook Answers catches my eye. I drag myself back to the pile of bills that need my attention then decided that I need to check my e'mail. Did I forget to mention that the laptop is also on the dining room table? Then it's supper time, it won't make itself you know. Fortunately we have a nice island to eat around.
Back to the table top of doom. Then I remember that I haven't checked out my favorite blogs today. After which I decide that I'm tired of how mine looks and I must spend some time on it RIGHT NOW. I know, I know my priorities are all wrong. Shouldn't all that business stuff take precedence? R-i-g-h-t......the mile high table will still be here tomorrow, I really don't need to know yet how much we'll owe ole Uncle Sam right away do I? Now if I can just explain to Marty how compliling all that information is just taking longer that I thought it would. The business did grow this year. Hmmmmm.................................

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