Saturday, July 26, 2008

of perverts

It's been perve week at our little Wally world. Dirty old men, dirty young men, URGHHHH! One of our cashiers is a cute blonde thing, sweet as could be. The guys are always hitting on her but one (I call him tatoo guy) had taken it too far and she was scared. Now tatoo guy has hit on 'all' of us at the store. Uses the same lines, a creep. But he scared our Corinda so Assistant Manager Darren (AMD)stepped in and had a talk with him. Now AMD is one of the nicest guys you'll ever run into but he's a BIG boy. Ex football player, probably defensive lineman or center type, BIG boy. All AMD would have to do is jab his fist to knock the normal man flat and out. Haven't seen tatoo guy back yet.

Another guy, dirty old man type, has been a regular customer. He spends lots of time 'looking' in the store. Didn't figure out till the other night that he was looking at younger women. The other morning I happened to be at the front end around 2 am as two young ladies were checking out and they mentioned that they noticed this guy following them around the store as they were shopping. They called after they left and said that he had followed them out of the parking lot and into town. They were smart and called the police. I'm assuming that he wasn't caught as he was back in the store last night. Now that we knew what he was doing we watched as he 'followed' sweet young things around. He's smooth, until I knew what to look for I hadn't noticed what he was doing. We can't 'technically' do anything about it until he does something but we can keep an eye on him.

Me, I'd like to take a shotgun and aim it at the family jewels. I'm a tad premenstrual at the moment so I may be over reacting just a smidge.

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michelle said...

oh, you never know... that might be EXACTLY why God created PMS!!!