Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I've been scrapping some old family pics I got from my mom and ran across this of my brother Brian and I from about 40 years ago, goodness that makes me seem ancient. It was always hard to get Brain (yeah I called him that, it irritated him and he's also extrememly smart) to stand still long enough to get a shot of him. Back then they just called him 'high strung' today he would have been labeled with ADHD. He had a little bit of a temper (understatement) and I would prod and torment him until he attacked me, he would usually get in trouble as he was the one that caused bodily harm. Little angel me would get away with provoking him. He was and still is a pretty sensative guy, he tries to hide it but those who know him well see it. I know he feels things deeply and intensely.
I'm sure that we really wanted to jump in the water and get all wet but if I remember right (ha, I can't remember what I did yesterday) we couldn't. And it REALLY bugged us.
Today I need to work on the accounting side of the business, oh sooooo fun. And then finish up some ATC's (artist trading cards) I'm doing for a swap. I've been on a little creativity binge and have been getting some layouts done and have actually liked them. Sometimes I'll get done with one, step back and get a good look and not have been really happy. Most times I just shrug the shoulders and say 'oh well' then go on to the next one. Sometmes I'll have to rip it all apart and start over. That seems to mean that it will take awhile for that particular layout to come together, like maybe months.
This is an example of one of 'those' layouts. I got the basics down and then got stuck on the 'sisters' ribbon thingy. I'm still not too sure I like it, it just doesn't seem right. With one of 'these' layouts I'll usually stick it in a page protector then hang it from my shelf so it stays in front of me, just waiting to be completed, for the muse to hit and the perfect element to be found. So I may end up changing this one, maybe add a layer of vellum over the sisters ribbon thingy to soften it up. By jove I think she's got it!!! Wow this bloggy thingy is great. I just talked myself into a solution.
BTW this is my great grandma and her sisters. Gotta love the dresses. "Mom can I have a dress just like Great Gma Katie's?"

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