Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's been awhile

okay, it's been a little crazy. I usually get to post here on Sunday's but pulled a double shift at work and I'm apparently a whimp cause I was toast after that. Baby sat Gabby yesterday and had to get ready for a Pampered Chef party last night. So decided I needed to catch a few minutes here today. There's something about just recording my thoughts about what's going in life that helps me to keep centered a little.
Jamies sister usually watches Gabby when she goes to work, but Shannon is almost ready to have her own baby and is having some contractions so I get to pinch hit until she has hers. Pat and Wil like to help so i have it pretty easy. It is soooo fun. She's such an adorable bundle.

Ben graduates from boot camp on Friday morning so we're heading down tomorrow. Tom and Jamie are going too so the whole family will be there. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Ben. He sounds like he's changed alot. More mature and self assured. He say's he's bulked up. I can hardly wait......I'm hoping to get a good family pic.

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