Sunday, October 16, 2005

Another Sunday

Time for my Sunday update. Good news. Tom asked Jamie to marry him this week and she said yes! She's sporting a beautiful rock that I'm totally jealous of. I love this pic of the three of them. They plan on getting married in June of 07' so lots of time to plan. So I have two girls joining the family!!!!! Some day there may be enough to outnumber the men, sweet justice. (BWA-HAA-HAA)
We're busy making plans for Ben's graduation from Basic Training. The whole family is going down for two nights. Pat started working as a bus boy at the Embers. He brought home a good little wad of money after he got tipped out. We always tip the bussers 10% so as he was the only one today and they were busy he did pretty well. Wil is still pretty nervous about holding Gabby. She's starting to hold her head up so I think he'll start getting comfortable. Life just keeps marching on, everyday has some new and exciting thing to look forward to. God is VERY good!

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